Mini Credit, a small loan

Missing less than a month at Christmas and therefore, no excuses. The time has come to make gifts and ask for a specific type of financing.

With the Mini Credit loan from United Loan it is possible to request small and short-term amounts for maxi gifts.

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The United Loan personal loan in mini format grants loans between 1,000 and 3,000 euros to be repaid in very small monthly installments spread over a period ranging from 18 to 36 months. The mini personal loan can be requested for the purchase of consumer goods and durable goods, but also to buy means of transport such as motorcycles, campers, cars and furniture.


The installment amount is flexible as United Loan offers the possibility to choose the amount of its installment. Thanks to the preventive calculation method, it is possible to choose an installment with a rounded amount for example at 100 euros, 250 euros, 300 euros and so on and keep it for the entire duration of the loan. The value remains fixed for the entire duration .

The loan is paid directly to the current account , from which the repayment of the installment is also withdrawn. Amortization begins 30 days prior to the expiration of the first installment and the installments, deferred and of a constant amount, include the principal or the portion of interest. No interest is charged in the pre-amortization period, which starts from the date of disbursement until the day preceding the start of the amortization plan.

The United Loan mini personal loan is aimed at consumers aged between 18 and 75, understood as all those natural persons who act for strictly personal purposes unrelated to business, craft or profession.

The United Loan mini personal loan can be assisted by an optional life insurance policy that guarantees the coverage of the residual debt in the case of certain events including temporary disability, hospitalization and illness.


The policy premium is financed in a single advance payment and retained at the time of disbursement.

Among the dossier required for the application, the applicant is required to present his registry documentation or in any case of his guarantor or any obligator and all the documentation showing the perception of a disposable income.

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