15 former SAF officers in senior civil service positions: Chan Chun Sing



He said the uniformed service candidates would have held positions that would have helped develop “a range of skills,” such as strategic leadership, policy formulation, management of large-scale operations and management of the military. technology.

“They also have invaluable experience in working with, understanding, motivating and gaining the confidence of full-time and operationally ready national servicemen who are Singaporeans from all walks of life,” Chan added.

Officers who demonstrate the ability to assume leadership positions are “tested and prepared by challenging leadership assignments and programs,” he said.

They also have the opportunity to “develop whole-of-government perspectives” through interagency projects, administrative positions and external civil service positions during their military careers, he added.

“These experiences prepare officers for leadership positions in the military and also provide them with the background and perspective to take up leadership positions in the broader public service, if called up and deemed appropriate,” Mr. Chan said.

“Sector-specific knowledge and skills are part of the considerations, but not the only consideration.

“Public service leadership teams are expected to include leaders who bring diverse backgrounds and function cohesively as a team, leveraging each other’s skills and experiences. “


Separately, MP He Ting Ru (WP-Sengkang) asked about the appointment of former SAF Brigadier General Tan Chee Wee as Director General of the Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA ).

He was appointed CEO-designate of ECDA on September 1 and will succeed Ms. Jamie Ang as CEO on December 15.

Ms. He asked how many candidates were considered for the position, what factors and qualifications were considered, and why the decision was made to appoint a CEO “without early childhood or education experience.”

In a written response, Social and Family Development Minister Masagos Zulkifli said that “several qualified candidates” had been considered, but Mr. Tan was assessed as “the most suitable”.

“Mr. Tan is no stranger to the social sector, having previously worked in the former Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports from 2006 to 2008, where he oversaw the macro-planning of social services financed by government and the development of social services. the service sector, capacity building and human resources, ”added Mr. Masagos.



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