90% recyclable design allows producers to simply upgrade and replace



Light Science Technologies (LST) launched cultivate GROWTH in the market, its new line of sustainable cultivation lighting products, offering an innovative solution for indoor agriculture, covering greenhouses, vertical agriculture, tunnels and medicinal plants.

Created with four basic components, the patent-pending nurturGROW range is made from high-quality, durable materials to provide growers the ideal balance of strength and optimum performance. 90% of the components are recyclable, minimizing the number of materials needed to significantly reduce waste and reduce the carbon footprint. Thanks to its durable and scalable design, 85% of nurturGROW is also reusable, allowing producers to upgrade components easily, cost effectively and without downtime, making nurturGROW easy to maintain. Backed by a 25-year product lifecycle, it ensures indoor growers maximize the use of each element over a longer lifespan to generate maximum yields and save them a third of future costs.

Designed for scale and durability
Thanks to its modular structure, the nurturGROW range consists of more than 30 different options with variable lengths of up to 2.78m, making it the longest luminaire on the market. It provides the scale needed to bring the right recipe to market and reduce waste in both energy and space. With high efficiency of up to 3.0 umol / J and variance of up to 30 degrees, growers can choose from thousands of different light recipes to improve plant performance, from one of the widest ranges of recipes available on the market.

Plus, nurturGROW lets you give back to the environment. As proud reforestation partners of A planted tree, they plant one tree for every LST product sold, as part of a mutual commitment to champion global reforestation efforts and raise awareness of the importance of ecosystem restoration.

UK internal scientific and industrial expertise
nurturGROW presents LED lighting innovation based on its own in-house manufacturing capabilities, ensuring growers nothing less than high quality, high performance grow light. This is supported by a proven and successful approach in real environments to prove nurturGROW’s sustainable lighting technology.

Backed by science, LST works with growers to create the perfect recipe for growing crops. Using lightweight test equipment and data collected from The laboratory specially designed by LST, its in-house team of scientists can help identify the right spectral waveforms and levels of PPFD by recreating various environmental scenarios in one of its accredited grow rooms.

Grow more, with less
Knowing that each growing environment has its own unique set of requirements, nurturGROW gives growers optimum control over their crops with the potential to deliver optimum yield and minimize CAPEX and OPEX costs.

Craig Price, Director of Operations at Light Science Technologies, said: “Being customer-centric by design means that as an experienced partner in LED grow lighting, we understand every variable and can help growers. interior to design a sustainable solution that matches their unique growth parameters.

“This extends to adjusting the light recipe for growers, as nurturGROW will allow you to increase, decrease or change the recipe according to preference, thanks to an interchangeable luminaire body.

“The uniqueness of our design also means that we have already enabled future integration of sensor technologies, providing significant added value. By choosing to add our new sensor technology, which is under development, indoor growers and farmers may seek to control their environment in much more detail. This will allow them to reduce suboptimal performance, whether in environmental controls or the light itself.



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