Arista Provides Continuous Integration Pipeline for Network Automation as a Service


SANTA CLARA, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Arista Networks (NYSE: ANET) today announced a complete network automation solution with Arista’s continuous integration (CI) pipeline. Based on Arista’s EOS Network Data Lake (NetDL™), Arista CI Pipeline helps enterprise customers adopt a modern network operating model. This approach provides an agile, data-driven change management process for the network, enabling faster and more reliable deployment with reduced operational time and expense.

“By leveraging the Arista Validated Designs network automation framework with CloudVision, we quickly scaled our operations with infrastructure as code. With up-to-date documentation and validation test cases, the team configures new network services easily and consistently,” said Gary Nye. , Head of Cloud Engineering, US Signal Company.

A modern network operating model provides operational efficiency and cost savings. It is based on cloud networking principles, including repeatable design patterns, automated operations through software control, and an open, flexible architecture. To achieve this operating model, companies can attempt to build their own automation infrastructure, but often struggle to find the necessary resources, skills, and associated maintenance effort.

This new Arista CI pipeline addresses these challenges, enabling enterprises to achieve a modern network operating model, comprised of:

  • Continuous design

  • Continuous integration

  • Continuous testing

Continuous design

Arista Validated Designs (AVDs) are expendable design principles in code form, providing a continuous design framework. As part of the Arista CI pipeline, AVDs accelerate the transformation of our customers’ operating model and improve the reliability of customer networks with the following benefits:

  • Flexibility with open data models: Fabric-wide scalable network models simplify configuration, ensure consistency, and reduce errors
  • Simplification through multi-domain automation: A framework capable of automating the data center, campus or WAN, enabled by a consistent EOS software image and management platform
  • Complete Workflows: Automation of the entire network provisioning lifecycle, from configuration generation to pre- and post-deployment validation, and network self-documentation

AVD entries can be entered directly into CloudVision for provisioning a network through CloudVision automation, studios and dashboards and for use with open source/3rd party automation solutions, such as Red Hat’s Ansible automation platform.

“Red Hat is excited to continue working with Arista to bring the benefits of automation to developers and network operators to further transform businesses and industries. The Arista CI pipeline with Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform delivers enterprise architecture and operations as code, streamlining provisioning, deployment, and validation tasks,” said Tom Anderson, vice president, Red Hat Ansible Automation. , RedHat.

Continuous integration

Continuous integration provides an advanced DevOps environment for managing network operations and change control workflows. Leveraging the CloudVision platform, CI is a packaged solution that simplifies and streamlines running a continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) workflow for network automation by providing:

  • An easy-to-deploy packaged solution to leverage a CI pipeline for network operations

  • Improvements to CloudVision’s change control to facilitate a complete workflow of CI/CD operations to facilitate pre/post validation testing

  • The ability to push and pull test results and AVD models into EOS NetDL

  • Improved integration for external DevOps and CI tools

Using CloudVision and NetDL, a data lake extending the wide-open EOS state database and a set of configuration and telemetry data, users can easily customize their workflows while enjoying access to all information stored in NetDL for data-driven data. automating.

Continuous testing

Arista’s Cloud Test services provide a cloud-based virtual environment for testing network designs and configurations. As part of the Arista Networks CI pipeline, Cloud Test samples include:

  • Change control testing

  • Code Certification Tests

  • Automation testing

By creating a digital twin of a customer’s network using a virtualized version of the same EOS and CloudVision software deployed on physical devices, network operators can build confidence in proposed deployment changes without having to create a separate physical test environment.

“With Arista’s infrastructure-as-code approach to networking, Computacenter has upped our game by adopting a programmable and agile service delivery model. This allows us to deliver secure network services, efficient and consistent to our customers,” said Michael Davidson, Director Technologist, Computacenter.


Arista CI Pipeline offers a combination of continuous design, continuous integration, and continuous testing to deliver a holistic DevOps solution to modernize the operating model of enterprise networks. This results in a faster, more reliable, and cloud-like experience for network operators and their users.

The Arista CI Suite is in trial and will be available in 2023. Arista Professional Services is available to deploy these solutions. Additionally, all of the above software offerings are fully supported by Arista TAC globally.

Learn more about one of our clients here. Read Jayshree Ullal’s blog here and learn more about the Arista CI pipeline in a webinar on December 1, 2022. Register here.

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