ASUU wants AAU Special Response Team dismissed | The Guardian Nigeria News


The crisis is brewing at Ambrose Alli University in Ekpoma, Edo State, as university staff unions have complained about the activities of the recently established Special Response Team (SIT). in place by the state government to fully exercise the functions of the board of trustees of the University.

In separate statements released to reporters yesterday in Benin City, the university staff unions, including the Union of University Staff of Universities (ASUU), alleged that the conditions of the university, as evidenced by the erosion of its autonomy, deteriorated, following the delay of administrative procedures activities and the deterioration of the financial health of the university.

The unions called on university visitor and Edo State Governor Godwin Obaseki to sack SIT to restore autonomy and boost the development of the university in all its ramifications.

“SIT’s activities are antithetical to the progress and development of the university,” insisted the staff unions.

In an open letter to Obaseki, the academic chapter of ASUU said it was compelled by the deteriorating turn of events at the university to write an open letter to Obaseki, in which the union said that he “is puzzled to observe that the activities of the SIT at the university since its inauguration due to the catastrophic mismanagement of the university.

The open letter, signed by Dr Cyril Oziegbe Onogbosele and Dr William Odion, respectively president and deputy secretary of ASUU AAU, Ekpoma, said the union is perplexed to observe that SIT’s activities in the university since the inauguration left much to be desired and consequently negated the supposed functions of a board of trustees and defeated the supposedly interventionist or reformist agenda of state government at the university.

ASUU said: “Whereas it is true that SIT was created by the state government to exercise the full functions of the University Board of Trustees; whereas it is correct that the SIT, which currently fills the gap of the absence of a governing body within the university, should operate at the level of policy formulation for adequate funding, intellectual development / academic and infrastructural of the university as well as ensuring good policies on discipline of staff and students; whereas it is true that the SIT should be entrusted with the responsibility of formulating policies aimed at combating all forms of mismanagement, corruption and fraud at the university.

“X-raying the activities of the SIT in recent months at the university, the union said it was stung and unable to contain the silence in the face of a persistent ultra vires of the SIT, leading to a systemic and unprecedented erosion of autonomy. of the university, financial lavishness and the unacceptable usurpation of certain administrative functions and authorities of the University.


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