Bespoke Manufacturing Company Chooses Zebra Industrial Automation and Robotics Solution


Zebra Technologies Corporation, a provider of data capture, fulfillment and visibility solutions, and mobile robotics, announced that Bespoke Manufacturing Company (BMC), an apparel manufacturer, has selected S&H Systems and Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR) Zebra Fetch and stationary industrial scanners to improve visibility and productivity of BMC operations.

Zebra’s solution will improve visibility into BMC’s workflow from initial fabric printing and cutting through final packaging and shipping, increasing efficiency and productivity and enabling the manufacturer to s adapt to meet growing demand, Zebra said. BMC selected Zebra’s end-to-end industrial automation and robotics solution to allow frontline workers to focus on production, Zebra added. All of its workflow logistics are delegated to Zebra’s AMR Fetch and stationary industrial scanners that move, trace and direct parts to their destinations.

“With Zebra’s unique solution, we are able to realize significant labor time savings while maintaining the ability to instantly scale to meet seasonal peaks in demand and seamlessly change our production,” said said J. Kirby Best, president and CEO of BMC. “I’m especially proud that Zebra’s smart and innovative solution is enabling us to create and retain manufacturing jobs in the United States.

Zebra’s AMR Fetch and stationary industrial scanners complement each other to create synergies and further productivity gains. Zebra’s FS20 and FS40 stationary industrial scanners provide visibility into the movement of every part in production, directing Fetch robots to move them through the workflow from destination to destination, all the way to the end. packaging and shipping of finished products. Zebra’s AMR Fetch are fully integrated into the production process, allowing BMC’s human workers to focus on the most important work tasks in a controlled, safe and collaborative way.

“Zebra helps companies like BMC harness the power of industrial automation and robotics to unlock new levels of performance that empower their frontline employees to perform at their best,” said James Lawton, vice president and General Manager of Robotics Automation, Zebra Technologies. “The combined power of our solution improves human and robotic performance by increasing capabilities and coordinating work and movement in real time, enabling faster execution, timely replenishment and autonomous movement of materials for a increased efficiency and customer satisfaction.”

S&H Systems, a registered reseller and new member of the Mobile Robotics Specialization within Zebra’s PartnerConnect program, designed and integrated the industrial automation and robotics solution, which BMC plans to extend to its existing manufacturing sites and planned to meet seasonal production peaks and growing demand .

“Robotics and computer vision are emerging technologies that increase the efficiency and productivity of frontline workers, but many companies lack the in-house knowledge to embrace this technology,” said Justin Ray, Chief Technology Officer. advances at S&H Systems. “We understand how to effectively implement an array of technologies to reduce costs and increase efficiency and, in the case of BMC, when combined with Zebra’s proven solutions, streamline the production process for our manufacturing customers. . »


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