Beyon3D prepares to launch revolutionary robotic manufacturing technology: CEG



In June, Beyon3D celebrated its IPO on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE) and was added to TASE’s TA-Growth, TA Tech-Elite, TA-Global BlueTech, TA-Technology and TA-Industrials indices.

Beyon3D has ambitious plans to deploy its revolutionary manufacturing technology in Europe, the United States and Canada.

The Israeli tech company will leverage its recent joint venture with Ciment, a subsidiary of Israel Shipyards Industries, and one of Israel’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of cement products.

“The company is poised to take an important step towards realizing its vision of revolutionizing the construction industry and the way we build,” said Ran Berman, CEO of Beyon3D. “In the years to come, the company’s revolutionary manufacturing system will spearhead the transformation of traditional manufacturing processes.

After completing 10 years of R&D, Beyon3d completed its innovative digital manufacturing system by developing a complete solution from design to manufacture of concrete construction products. The system includes custom software and hardware tools combined with bespoke materials. Beyon3D holds patents and trademarks for all of its developments. The team includes mechanical engineers, materials scientists, programmers, algorithmic developers, prototype experts, architects and designers.

Beyon3d fills a gap in the precast construction industry, the company said.

It offers a scalable solution with high quality products, reduced manufacturing times and costs, a small industrial footprint and reliance on manual labor. Create a more effective and efficient technological solution for an industry where automation is the key to growth.

The company raised $ 12.4 million in an IPO of units consisting of shares and two sets of warrants to institutional investors and in a Dutch public auction, on the based on a company valuation of $ 65.4 million.

Israeli tech companies are driving the next generation of innovation and growth in emerging markets, according to a recent report by US management consulting firm Boston Consulting Group (BCG). The report also notes Israel’s long record of success in attracting top scientists and encouraging close collaboration between government and industry to foster technological development.

“Beyon3D has been able to develop a significant stake in Israel’s tech sector and sees a huge opportunity to further innovate in North America,” said Berman.

About Beyon3D

Established in 2011, Beyon3D’s is a revolutionary robotic manufacturing technology born in Tel Aviv, Israel. Beyon3D is one of 51 new companies listed on TASE since the start of 2021, raising approximately $ 1,832,298,136 in total, of which 33 are companies from different areas of the high-tech industry.



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