BiOWiSH Technologies R&D Director Appointed Chair of TFI Working Group


CINCINNATI–(BUSINESS WIRE)–BiOWiSH Technologies, Inc. today announced the appointment of John Gorsuch, Director of Research and Development, to lead the Fertilizer Institute’s (TFI) Microbiological Laboratory Methods Task Force.

“The formation of this task force is critically important to our industry,” Gorsuch said. “The task force will contribute to the common goal of holding our industry to higher standards of product quality and truth in advertising, and I am honored to contribute to this important undertaking.”

The Microbiological Laboratory Methods Working Group consists of a team of microbiology experts (SMEs) from other TFI member companies who will work together to come up with a new testing framework against which microbial biostimulants will be evaluated. . They will compile a list of acceptable standard methods for assessing key quality parameters across a range of microbial products and develop educational resources for industry stakeholders, such as tutorials and a directory of testing laboratories that perform acceptable methods.

Since there is currently no standard suite of microbiological methods used to assess the consistency of label claims for microbial biostimulants, the working group was created to propose methods that can be used to assess the quality of biostimulants. accurately and equitably, and to guide new methods through the validation and accreditation process where such methods are needed. The results of the task force will be used to support current regulatory efforts while creating a foundation for consumer-directed “truth in advertising” efforts by individual manufacturers, with the goal of restoring consumer confidence in products. microbial products and substantiate consistent product performance that meets the customer value proposition across the industry.

Gorsuch is looking for other SMEs to join the task force, stating, “Microbial technologies are formulated with a diverse distribution of beneficial microbes. We often find that standard “one size fits all” laboratory methods are not the best tools for the job when it comes to assessing the quality of these products. The more insights and subject matter expertise we have within this working group, the more broadly applicable our testing framework will be for current and next-generation biologics. This is an exciting step in raising the bar for quality among microbial biostimulants, gaining consumer confidence and regaining some of the trust that has been eroded with our customer base due to false claims and products. bad quality.

Those interested in joining the working group can complete this survey. For more information about BiOWiSH Technologies, visit

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The Fertilizer Institute (TFI) is the leading voice of the national fertilizer industry. Since 1883, TFI members have included fertilizer producers, wholesalers, retailers and trading companies. TFI’s full-time staff, based in Washington, DC, serves its members through legislative, educational, technical, economic information and public communication programs. Find more information about TFI online at and follow us on Twitter at @Fertilizer_Inst. To learn more about TFI’s nutrient management initiatives, visit and on Twitter at @4rnutrients.


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