Cerridwan’s Klatch: Validation – The reality of feeling Validated in 2022

I would like to take this opportunity to talk about validation and how it fits into our community of faith and craftsmanship. As a spiritual life coach and chaplain, part of my job deals with validations. When working with a patient in the hospital or in a correctional facility, it is the desire to be heard, to be seen in regards to the client’s thoughts, emotions and experiences. That’s what I do. Whether in my Coven or in my daily work. One of the things that keeps us from connecting with ourselves is this feeling of shame, and the opposite of shame is compassion. This is done by validation. Shame is when we don’t feel good about ourselves. In the coven I hear members say “I don’t think it’s right for me to feel this way”, they may even shed tears and then apologize for the tears. It tells me that they are ashamed of the situation they find themselves in and that no magic worth its weight in energy can come from this darkness. With the Craft we use energy and emotion (Intention) and so part of my role as High Priestess is to help my students through this process know that they are in a safe space to be. themselves in perfect love and trust. Some childhood or inner child traumas can appear in a circle and this is the start of outer childhood thoughts projecting onto us and creating self-doubts.

As High Priestess, my coven knows that we work on feelings…. That’s validation, it’s a feeling, it’s an emotion. We have experiences that can be linked to emotions that trigger us. In coven work I teach the craft of learning to face blockages, fears and breaking them down by validating the experience, the practitioner can change the emotional trigger for fear or shame by separating the emotion of experience and what I have learned as being a High Priestess is that very few people have received validation for their accomplishments. We live in a time that focuses on the negative and stems from vulnerability. Again, all of these emotions affect the Witch’s practice within their Craft and how they learn to build, hold and hold the energy for exercise like the Cone of Power. You cannot build healing power when you are not healed yourself. People tend to suppress their vulnerability; they are not able to communicate properly and this is detrimental to the sacred circle in group mindset work. Validation can lighten the weight of the Crafter and help develop their energy and emotional intention skills from a positive standpoint that increases their chances of manifesting their desires in the present. What is the greatest feeling as a High Priestess is seeing my students through validation they in turn see me and through this work of validation equal energy can be transmitted and received and that builds a solid circle of rapport and trust. For without shadow work one can never experience the inner truth of love and pure joy.


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