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As a preamble, it helps here if you’re from a country that has over 900 islands, 94 of which are permanently inhabited. Due to the difficulties and costs of transporting fuel, certain regions of the world such as Scotland are prime candidates for the development of next-generation electricity networks. This is partly why the islands of Hoy, Islay, Great Cumbrae, Raasay, Barra and Yell were recently selected to be part of the Scottish Government’s Carbon Neutral Islands project.2, itself a component of the nation’s net zero commitment. There are challenges to overcome when developing a grid based on renewable sources such as wind, solar and tidal power3, with transportation being key, because if it’s cloudy and calm on Barra and your storage is low, you may need to tap into the excess wind on Yell. And if by any chance Barra and Yell are both covered and calmed down, you need to extend that grid further, which is why there are dozens of high voltage direct current (HVDC) transmission lines established, being worked on. construction and planned between European localities. . So Yell – in the Shetland archipelago – will soon be connected to mainland Scotland via the Shetland HVDC connection, while Barra – part of the Outer Hebrides – will eventually be connected to the mainland via the proposed HVDC cable for the Western Isles . Scotland will be connected to Norway by NorthConnect, which is connected to… well, you get the idea.


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