Computer manufacturing: the engine of India’s economic growth



Accelerate innovation

The journey of IT manufacturing, from research to market, is entirely dependent on driving an industry-focused focus with strategic alignment between government initiatives that will help drive innovation, productivity and competitiveness. A digitized, self-sustaining supply chain and the ability to anticipate any production disruption is critical to maintaining quality, time and cost standards. Investments in infrastructure development and a strong freight support mechanism are also essential to this process.

India must also focus on building a skilled workforce to be seen as a favorable destination for gamers large and small. As the approach to technological manufacturing evolves and becomes more competitive on a global scale, skills gaps will need to be addressed dynamically.

The Indian economy is at a critical juncture right now. The government has rightly focused on creating an ecosystem that allows local businesses to meet national and global demand. Growing consumer demand aligned with a strong IT manufacturing ecosystem will not only boost India’s development, but help achieve its mission of becoming a $ 5,000 billion economy. A nuanced approach with the right investment strategies to tap demand, develop talent, and create the right infrastructure is needed to build a globally competitive IT manufacturing ecosystem in India.

I believe there are some really exciting times ahead for the industry. We can harness the power of our differences and work together to solve some of the biggest challenges the country and the world have, build on an exciting software and hardware technology foundation, develop new partnerships and accelerate innovation.



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