CR to accelerate the pace of development with the 2030 strategy – Minister


The Central Regional Minister, Ms. Justina Marigold Assan, has called for inclusion and the development of local strategies to spur radical development in the region.

She said that although successive governments have undertaken many interventions aimed at developing the region, the region has yet to harness its overwhelming resource potentials such as rich cultural heritage, natural and human resource endowments for the benefit of population.

She was speaking at the inauguration of the committees responsible for drawing up for the implementation of the “Development Strategy of the Central Region 2030” to accelerate the socio-economic development of the region.

The strategic framework document is expected to provide policy direction for the management of the region to accelerate its transformation and development agenda.

Committees to lead the formulation of the strategy and its implementation were inaugurated in Cape Coast last Wednesday.

The strategy document will focus on four main dimensions of development, namely social, economic; governance and infrastructure, environment and human settlements.

Economic growth.

Ms. Assan said the Central Regional Coordination Council (CRCC) would work with all stakeholders to ensure that the region’s narrative shifts towards accelerated development.

She therefore called for the full cooperation of stakeholders to make this a reality.

She urged the committees to conduct a situation analysis of key topics in the strategic areas, including challenges and needs related to the area, to identify a set of specific goals and objectives, and potential strategies needed to address the challenges and needs identified.

Odeefuo Amoakwa Buadu

For his part, the Speaker of the Central Regional House of Chiefs, Odeefuo Amoakwa Buadu VII, said the chiefs shared the vision of rapid development of the region.

He encouraged the committees to work hard to bring about positive change in their region.

The Chief Director of CRCC, Mr. Kingsley Agyei Boahene, noted that the relevant objectives of the regional development strategy were to focus on identifying, enhancing and ensuring optimum utilization of the development potential of the region through the elimination of the causes that prevented its development.

He said the strategy would also look at the long-term plan to generate regional prosperity and focus on economic growth and development, adopt programs and projects to raise living standards and attract needed private sector investment. and government.


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