Dcm Shriram is focused on developing and manufacturing multi-purpose drones across India


A diversified manufacturing company, DCM Shriram Industries is focused on developing and manufacturing versatile drones that will not only target the defense sector, but at all levels. Co-chairman Rudra Shriram said the company had “entered the (drone) market at the right time”.

In an interview with PTI, Shriram said that “we have products ready to market.”

Shriram pointed out that the idea is to manufacture drones entirely in India.

He said: “The idea is to manufacture in India. Even for them (Zyrone) it is expensive to manufacture there. So they can focus on technology development and we can focus on large-scale manufacturing. ladder.”

Shriram disclosed that the company has a research and development (R&D) facility in Delhi and also has licenses to manufacture defense drones at its facilities in India.

Additionally, he said it won’t take long for the company to ramp up its drone manufacturing capacity once it gets the orders.

Shriram said the product is currently in the testing phase. However, he could not give an actual scale at this time. But he revealed that over the next few weeks they will be sending their drones out for proper quality testing.

Shriram also clarified that they have yet to win a contract with the Indian Defense Force.

At present, DCM Shriram is engaged in businesses such as sugar, alcohol, fine chemicals, industrial fibers, defense and engineered products.

The company achieves a turnover of approximately 8,000 crore. Last year, DCM Shriram invested $1 million to buy a 30% stake in Turkish drone company Zyrone Dynamics.

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