Elbit: The Israeli Ministry of Defense will start testing an unmanned robotic vehicle


Israeli Ministry of Defense press release:

The Israeli Ministry of Defense will begin testing an unmanned robotic vehicle (M-RCV Medium Robotic Combat Vehicle), developed by the Ministry’s Directorate of Defense Research and Development (DDR&D), the Directorate of Tanks and APC and Israeli security industries.

The robotic combat vehicle will be unveiled today at the Elbit Systems pavilion at the Eurosatory defense and security trade show. The vehicle includes a new robotic platform type BLR-2 manufactured by BL, an autonomous 30 mm turret developed by the tank and APC management for the APC “Eitan”, the active protection system “Iron Fist” from Elbit, fire control and mission management systems, and an autonomous robotic kit, in addition to situational awareness systems. The vehicle also includes a capsuled drone for advanced reconnaissance missions and a passive detection kit developed by Elbit Systems and Foresight.

The technology demonstrator, led by MoD DDR&D and the Directorate of Tank and APC, incorporates a number of advanced technologies including advanced maneuvering capabilities, the ability to carry heavy mission loads and varied, and an integrated system for transporting and receiving drones.

The vehicle will also include sights, an IAI missile launcher and “Spike” missiles from Rafael Advanced Defense Systems. M-RCV capabilities include a highly autonomous solution for advanced reconnaissance and controlled lethality in off-road conditions. It is operational day or night in all-weather scenarios, while emphasizing operational efficiency, simplicity, minimal operator intervention and integration into unmanned heterogeneous networks.

The system was developed under the autonomous battlefield concept conducted in DDR&D in conjunction with the Tank and APC management while implementing an open architecture to incorporate future capabilities and integrating the robot alongside other tools and capabilities.

The system is a joint product of many years of investment by DDR&D and the Tank and APC Directorate and is expected to begin field testing in 2023 in representative scenarios.

ROBUST – Israeli MOD & Elbit medium robotic combat vehicle. Credit: Israeli Ministry of Defense Spokesperson’s Office

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