Elna Magnetics plans manufacturing and storage buildings


Elna Magnetics is planning an expansion of the company’s Glasco factory, adding a 15,000 square foot manufacturing building, which would be connected to the existing building by breezeways and an 18,750 square foot cold storage building at the end of an existing car park. , which would be extended from 10 to 13 places. Engineer Bruce Utter presented the plans to the Town of Saugerties Planning Board at its regular April 19 meeting.

Plans include an emergency access drive, which would have a door through it to the west end of the property. Stormwater treatment would be carried out using flowerbeds similar to those currently used on existing buildings, with any runoff being collected in stormwater ponds. The site is now served by rainwater collection from three roofs; additional drainage beds would be added.

The company will modernize the lighting of the site. “As you know, the site is very well maintained and laid out,” Utter said. The interview will continue. In an unusual step, the company plans to designate an area for future parking, should the need arise, with this area designated as a “land bank” area with no buildings unless it becomes necessary.

Malden Turnpike resident Tim Scott said he had no questions, but wanted to pass on the statement from his father, Tim Scott Sr., that he had no objections to the plan. No one else asked to speak at the public hearing.

The next steps will be a submission of the plans to the Ulster County Planning Board for review and a review by city engineer Dennis Larios, Utter said.

Planning Council member Carole Furman said she wanted to “push for solar once again. Seems like a perfect location for a solar field to support this system. Board member Len Bourne said he had no questions, but “I go through it a lot and it’s very well maintained.”

Once feedback from the council engineer and feedback from the county is received, the plan could be “rolled up at the next meeting,” Utter said.


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