First step towards the implementation of NEP-2020


Now is the time for all Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) across India to design their strategic action plan for implementing the policy in letter and spirit. The formulation of the Institutional Development Plan (IDP) is one of the first steps towards the practical implementation of this policy which has been made necessary for all HEIs in the policy document itself.

The IDP establishes the roadmap for the implementation of various provisions of the NEP-2020 within a specific time frame outlining the needs, constraints, objectives and deadlines for a particular SEA.

The IDP seeks to identify the achievable goals of an HEI in terms of curriculum reforms, infrastructure development, pedagogical innovation, human resources increase, administrative reforms, effective institutional governance, assessment and examinations, research innovation, skills development, community outreach programs, student exchange programs, stakeholder involvement, partnership with clusters, industry interaction -university, innovation and start-up incubation, promoting open learning and automating workflows.

Although NEP-2020 remains the same for all HEIs, IDPS will be tailored to their individual needs and specific requirements based on their current status and future goals.


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