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Miner Enterprises supplies friction damping systems (pictured), traction gears, brake beams, doors, constant contact side bearings and other high performance components.

Miner Enterprises, Inc., received an order for 600 car sets of its friction damping system, as well as the Supplier Evaluation Committee (SECO) award from TTX Company.

The order, which the company says is from one of the Class I railways for new steel coil cars, “is the direct result of our collaborative, innovative and rigorous field testing,” said Bill O’Donnell, Executive Director of Global Sales for Minor, which also supplies traction gears, brake beams, doors, constant contact side bearings and other high performance components.

Coil cars have traditionally been fitted with EOCC hydraulic units, according to O’Donnell. “Over the past few years, however, we have worked closely with Class I railways [that] led the charge to replace them with more reliable Miner friction damping systems based on our proven traction gear technology, ”he said.

Miner friction damping systems are said to “offer better slack management, increased draft protection and better control of break-in and runout events than hydraulic units.”

Miner was also recognized by TTX for meeting the “high company standards for quality, cost-effectiveness, on-time delivery, service excellence and administration”. SECO award recipients are nominated by a committee whose members are directly involved in the purchases of wagon components and product performance, according to Miner.

“We are honored to have won the TTX SECO Award again, and we are especially proud to have done so now for three consecutive decades,” said Ric Biehl, President and CEO of Miner Enterprises.

In related news, Miner posted a 3D animated video of his AggreGate® Ballast Relief Valves for new and existing cars on its website and YouTube channel. He highlights the advantages of valves, including “the large openings of the guillotine doors designed to stop the flow of ballast with minimal effort; easy to use toggle linkage systems; and conical doors for easy shutdown of ballast at switches, crossovers and bridges. The video also shows Miner’s stand-alone lighting system, available with all AggreGate models; solar panels collect and store energy during the day to power LED work lights for nighttime ballasting operations.

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