Fortera Corporation Announces Appointment of New Chief Manufacturing Officer


SAN JOSE, CA., September 6, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Fortera announces the appointment of Keith Krugh as production manager.
The addition of a senior cement industry executive to the Fortera team will help refine strategy and promote the various value streams present in the CO portfolio.2 reduction solutions available from Fortera.

“Now is the time for bold and decisive action coupled with cost-effective solutions,”
Keith Krugh.

“The supply of CO2 Reduction solutions related to the Fortera process are countless and often site-specific. The introduction of a manufacturing manager with Keith’s experience will ensure that we provide the greatest value to our building materials partners given the resources and facilities available at each site,” says dr. ryan gilliamCEO and co-founder of Fortera.

Fortera has developed a new process to capture emissions from cement kilns and convert them into a cementitious product. The technology is a plant upgrade that offers cost savings over Portland cement, while reducing CO₂ emissions by more than 60% for every tonne of material produced.

“The reality is that we need to act quickly to reduce CO emissions from our industry2 footprint, while focusing on profitable strategies that will be tailored to each location,” said Keith Krugh, Fortera’s new chief manufacturing officer. Prior to Fortera, Keith spent his career as General Manager of Manufacturing at numerous facilities for Heidelberg Cement and Holcim with over 25 years experience in the United States and Mexico. Keith specializes in product development, new technologies and the optimization of plant equipment and operations. As a manufacturing leader in multiple locations, he became a leader in profitable operations and the implementation of region-specific strategic initiatives.

About Fortera:

Fortera is a materials technology company that develops low-carbon cement using a proprietary process inspired by nature. Fortera cement is cheaper to manufacture than traditional cement, reduces CO2 emissions of 60% per tonne and meets existing global industry performance criteria.

Fortera is backed by leading cleantech investors and guided by global cement industry veterans. By helping cement producers and consumers achieve their decarbonization goals, the company is quickly becoming one of Silicon Valley’s fastest growing materials science companies. Fortera’s first manufacturing facility is nearing completion and will achieve product sales in early 2023.
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