Global takeover: products for every segment of the HVACR market


After visiting the Daikin Australia stand at ARBS 2022, it’s easy to believe that the air conditioning manufacturer is about to take on the world.

The wide range of products on display at the Daikin stand made it clear that the manufacturer has products to meet all segments of the heating and cooling market.

To welcome its latest range of residential, commercial and applied products and solutions, Daikin had its largest ever presence at ARBS with a stand spanning 216m2.

This year was not just about heating and cooling for Daikin, the manufacturer entered the refrigeration market and ARBS was the occasion to present its new products.

Daikin launched a range of commercial refrigeration condensing units and introduced a strategic new business unit to support its new product portfolio. The condensing units are manufactured by J & E Hall, a global member of the Daikin Group and one of the world’s leading providers of refrigeration solutions.

Combining design innovation with energy efficiency technology, the new condensing units have a number of new and improved features and functions. Microchannel heat exchanger technology (select models) reduces the volume of refrigerant in the system more efficiently than traditional fin and tube heat exchangers, saving installation costs.

A new adjustable fan speed and pressure switch (select models) provide additional flexibility to deliver optimum operation for the chosen refrigerant. Better energy efficiency and higher quality components help improve reliability and longevity. Low fan speeds and sound-insulated condensing unit housing ensure quiet operation.

These condensing units offer a smaller footprint taking up less space, a better solution for noise sensitive projects, while reducing energy costs.

Installation and maintenance are simple and easy. The condensing units are compatible with a wide range of existing refrigerants including R404a and R407C.

Access to major components is available from the front and side via hinged doors* for trouble-free maintenance. The condensing unit housing is powder coated to improve corrosion resistance, providing long term reliability.

The AHT plug-in freezer enclosure was also on display. This range of low-temperature equipment, operating with R290 refrigerant fluid, incorporates sliding glass doors and inverter compressors. The range is expected to release later this year.

Commenting on the company’s move to cold chain, Daikin Australia’s managing director for marketing and e-commerce, Dan Tosh, said customer needs and values ​​have changed.

“For example, market needs have increased for indoor air quality and ventilation due to the COVID-19 pandemic,” he said.

“Indoor air quality has never been more important, which is why we’ve extended our air purification technology, Streamer, to more of our products.”

All Daikin systems with Streamer technology carry the Sensitive Choice blue butterfly symbol from the National Asthma Council Australia, including air purifiers, Alira X and Zenasplit systems.

In lab tests, Daikin’s Streamer technology was found to destroy 99.9% of mold and allergens in 24 hours and 99.6% of pollen in just two hours.

“Daikin’s Streamer technology is an active air purification system that improves indoor air quality. It works by using charged air particles to destroy pollutants like pollen, mold, and other allergens like air dust mites,” Tosh said.

Also featured on the Daikin stand is its recently launched VRV Round Flow cassette with detection and Streamer, offering maximum comfort, energy savings and superior air purification.

One of the main features on the stand this year was Daikin’s new flagship VRV R series heat recovery system. Since the launch of the first model in 1982, Daikin’s VRV systems have continuously evolved to offer the best in terms of comfort, efficiency and reliability.

The new VRV R series has undergone a complete model change with improvements in design, ease of installation, reliability, comfort, heat recovery and energy savings.

Visitors got a first-hand look at the unit’s small footprint.

Raj Singh, National Product Manager for Daikin Australia, said that this new 6th generation model, the VRV R heat recovery system, includes a new “P” type compressor which offers superior full load performance, as well as at partial load.

“The new improved design features a single enclosure module up to 24HP which helps reduce the overall space required for mechanical equipment and the number of electrical and piping connections,” he said.

Single modules from 8 HP capacity are now available in three sizes with the addition of a high capacity XL frame with 22 and 24 HP (67.0 kW) capacity that measures just 1 750mm wide x 765mm deep x 1660mm high. This represents a 4% reduction in overall footprint and 11% weight reduction compared to the 5th Generation VRV Series.

“We’ve also simplified the design for the installer with a number of knockout panels to allow flexibility in installation for both piping and wiring,” Singh said.

Improved sealed electrical enclosure design with IP55 rating provides high protection against dust and moisture. It features a new service window to access the multifunctional digital display for easy commissioning and troubleshooting, and separate wiring and piping for quick access and installation.

The increased refrigerant piping length and maximum height difference makes the VRV R even more suitable for large-scale buildings.

Refrigerant piping lengths of up to 165m are possible and the maximum height difference between indoor and outdoor unit has been extended to 110m, a 20m improvement over the 5th generation model .

The ARBS exhibition was also an opportunity for Daikin to celebrate 40 years of manufacturing in Australia.

Daikin Made in Australia Duct systems and applied air handling units were on display along with its light commercial, ventilation, air handling and refrigeration lines, smart home and building controllers and magnetic bearing chiller without WMTL lubricant with R1233zd (E) HFO refrigerant.

The WMT cooler dominated the stand. This two-stage magnetic bearing (WMT) centrifugal chiller offers increased efficiency and reliability, lower operating and maintenance costs, and low vibration and noise levels compared to traditional oil centrifuges.

Lubrication-free magnetic bearing drive system eliminates complex oil, coolant lubrication, and mechanical friction, improving chiller efficiency, increasing performance, and reducing maintenance

The kinetically balanced back-to-back impellers help the compressor run smoothly at lower noise levels by balancing axial force while the permanent magnet motor eliminates rotor excitation loss to deliver superior motor efficiency in low-noise operation. great speed.

Adaptable to various operating conditions, the Dynamic IGV + Dynamic Speed ​​Drive keeps the compressor running smoothly to optimize energy consumption.


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