Good Face Project x Goldn simplifies product development


For brand founders new to manufacturing, the process is fragmented, time-consuming, and customer service can often be crippling. Good Face project and Golden have joined forces, combining their web-based solutions to simplify the process of developing effective and safe beauty products. The goal of the partnership is to digitize and streamline the NPD process.

“The combination of Good Face Formulator and the Goldn platform enables us to deliver immense value to brands and manufacturers who are in the critical formulation phase of their product development journeys,” said Iva Teixeira. , co-founder and CEO of Good Face. “At the heart of this partnership is our mission to help product development teams simplify workflows, improve productivity, and ultimately focus on building better products for their core audiences. .”

Goldn’s digital cosmetic product development platform, the Cosmetic Product Builder, is designed to speed time to market, while the AI-powered SaaS player, the Good Face Project, offers more than 120,000 mapped ingredients on 15 dimensions of efficiency, safety and regulatory compliance.

“Through our partnership with Good Face, we will help even more beauty brands and cosmetics suppliers simplify complexity across the various phases of product development,” said Arianna Andrews, CCO of Goldn. “This partnership expands our audience’s digital toolbox, giving brands, formulators and manufacturers access to formulation and regulatory automation in combination with Goldn’s cosmetics builder, significantly reducing product development time and increases go-to-market success.

Cloud-based solutions like Goldn and the Australian venture capital-backed Workshop are revamping the beauty product-to-market process, often a pain point for young brands. These technology platforms make the manufacturing process more efficient and transparent, further lowering the barrier to entry for creators and new beauty entrepreneurs while reducing time to product time-to-market schedules for start-ups. ups.


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