Government Seeks Support from Stakeholders to Promote Social Justice | The Guardian Nigeria News


The Lagos State Commissioner for Settlements, Training and Pensions, Ajibola Ponle called on stakeholders to complement the efforts of government and its agencies in promoting social justice.

She made the call during a virtual webinar jointly organized by Advocacy for Social Justice and Ethical Values ​​(ASJEV) and the Lagos State Civil Service Staff Development Center (PSSDC) in commemoration of the World day of social justice 2022.

She said the event was a solid way to raise awareness among the general public about the need to speak out against all forms of social injustice.

Former Adjunct Adviser, Academic, University of Ibadan, Professor Abideen Aderinto, while speaking on the topic of social justice as a panacea for sustainable and impactful democracy, said that social injustice is capable to deteriorate a state until the total breakdown of law and order.

He said social injustice, which creates distrust in government institutions, is a major factor in political apathy.

He urged government at all levels to engage stakeholders on policy formulation on inequality, poverty, human rights abuses, professionalism in upholding the rule of law as well as the gender balance in governance.

The Founder/Coordinator of ASJEV, Ms. Jokotola Ogundimu, said that to promote social justice in Nigeria, it is crucial to raise awareness of social injustice.

“To fight social injustice, we must address the threat by eradicating poverty, promoting gender equality, providing adequate jobs and ensuring universal well-being.”

The Director of Operations of the Halogen School of Security Management and Technology, Dr Adebowale Adeagbo, who spoke about building a strong institution for good and sustainable government through formal employment, also called for social justice where citizens give equal opportunities.


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