Indonesia and the Netherlands discuss the importance of restorative justice


I believe that Indonesia has a very big potential to adopt it

Jakarta (ANTARA) – The General Directorate of Corrections of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights and Reclassering Nederland have discussed the importance of implementing restorative justice.

“The Netherlands is a country that has managed to consistently implement the restorative justice approach,” noted here Wednesday the secretary general of the ministry’s prison directorate, Heni Yuwono.

Implementing restorative justice to achieve a safer society is not just about preventing crime, but also about improving relationships between criminals, victims, families and individuals, he explained.

The Netherlands has a long history of implementing restorative justice through various mechanisms, such as alternative sentencing, he said during the Netherlands’ legal update in Indonesia ( INLU) of 2022, here.

Other practices included involving people to achieve good coordination with law enforcement authorities that Indonesia should pursue, he noted.

“I believe Indonesia has a very big potential to adopt it,” he remarked.

This is partly because the legal basis in Indonesia is similar to that in the Netherlands. Moreover, the concept of restorative justice already exists basically in the character of Indonesians, he pointed out.

According to Yuwono, this is reflected in the spirit of family bonding, mutual support, local wisdom and culture that existed.

Yuwono expects the roundtable held by the two sides to find important points related to alternative sentencing and trial to implement restorative justice.

Additionally, Indonesia and the Netherlands can find wording on how criminals should not always be sent to a correctional facility but still be able to develop perpetrator accountability and respect victims’ rights.

It awaits the elaboration of various development recommendations for the two countries, including recommendations on the implementation of restorative justice for the development of the draft Criminal Code (RKUHP) currently under discussion at the legislative level.

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