Joe Moorhead is at home in Akron, and he needs no logo validation on his jacket, no opportunity to prove himself – The Athletic



It was not a Power Five school like the other three over the past six seasons, each stopping unconventionally but reasonably on an enviable college football manager resume. Lately, it hasn’t even been a good program in the Group of Five. It didn’t have to be, according to the criteria.

And that’s the interesting thing about how Joe Moorhead ended up being introduced last week as Akron’s head coach. Because all of that is usually what matters most.

In other words, none of it really matters. So, yes, Akron.

Moorhead says he can’t even remember the exact week the position was opened. For others who missed the news timeline for a team that went from 3 to 24 in the past three seasons: Akron fired Tom Arth on November 4. Later that day, a long job in the office as Oregon’s offensive coordinator, Moorhead walked into his home, where his wife, Jennifer, greeted him with a few questions.

“Hey, have you seen Akron’s job open up?” Jennifer asked.


After informing Moorhead, Jennifer asked, “Well, what do you think? “

“Yes,” Moorhead replied, “it meets all the criteria.”

For Moorhead, the exact criteria are personal, but here’s the gist: After the state of Mississippi fired him on January 3, 2020, he snuggled up with his family (along with Jennifer, Moorhead has three children) and has created a specific list of parameters to look at when considering another head coaching position. Topping the list was family. No money. Not the history of the program. Family.

Many head coaching positions were opened during Moorhead’s time in Oregon – it was the landing point for the Pittsburgh native after Mississippi, Moorhead said, as the family viewed him as a ” neat new adventure “after the research – and Moorhead, considered an RPO pioneer, would have been a good fit for many.


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