Livent announces LIOVIX ™, a proprietary lithium metal product that can improve the performance, safety and durability of lithium-ion batteries



PHILADELPHIA CREAM, November 1, 2021 / PRNewswire / –

Allows higher capacity and longer life batteries
Improves safety and durability, reduces manufacturing costs
Can be applied using standard industrial equipment and scaling methods
Advances the development of next-generation batteries

Livent Corporation (NYSE: LTHM) today announced its proprietary LIOVIXâ„¢ lithium metal product, a unique printable formulation of lithium metal and other specialty materials that can improve lithium-ion battery performance, reduce manufacturing costs, and enable the next generation of battery technology, while improving safety and durability.

“Our customers continue to look to us for innovative and sustainable solutions that can improve battery performance, safety and manufacturing efficiency. We are eager to bring LIOVIX™ to market in the future as a product to help meet these increasing demands while paving the way for the development of next-generation battery technology, ”said Paul Graves, President and CEO of Livent.

Improved battery performance

LIOVIXâ„¢ can be printed onto the anode of a battery during electrode fabrication in a process called pre-lithiation. This has led to higher capacity and longer life batteries. Indeed, the application of LIOVIXâ„¢ has been shown through initial testing to improve battery performance and extend battery life with more charge cycles than conventional batteries.

Safety and durability benefits

Beyond improving battery performance, LIOVIXâ„¢ should improve the safety and durability profile of lithium-ion batteries. The improved safety is largely the result of the properties of the unique printable formulation of LIOVIXâ„¢. From LIOVIXâ„¢ provides lithium in a highly stable and protected form, it reduces the need for stringent environmental conditions and advanced manufacturing process controls.

The immediate benefits of LIOVIX sustainabilityâ„¢ should come from providing battery manufacturers with increased control and precision over the amount of lithium they use in the production of battery cells. This should help reduce material wastage and costs and enable high process efficiency (i.e. throughput). LIOVIXâ„¢ has the potential to reduce the use of war minerals and rare earths in battery production by paving the way for increased use of more accessible battery materials like silicone, manganese and even sulfur.

Manufacturing efficiency and business scalability

There are several potential savings and efficiencies for manufacturers using LIOVIXâ„¢ which are directly linked to performance gains in terms of battery capacity and cyclability. These range from the need to include fewer cells in a battery pack to achieve the same performance, to the reduction in the number of manufacturer warranty claims due to the longer battery life.

In addition, LIOVIXâ„¢ is expected to significantly reduce the need for a step in the cell manufacturing process called “training”, which can reduce overall costs and free up space on the fabrication shop floor.

Another unique feature of LIOVIXâ„¢ is its expected business scalability. It is expected that LIOVIXâ„¢ can be incorporated into existing battery manufacturing processes using standard equipment and common industry methods for scaling operations. Each method is designed to meet specific product requirements, and no changes should be necessary to the electrode manufacturing process.

“Our customers need commercially scalable solutions that add value to the battery without adding cost to the battery manufacturing process, so it was imperative to us that LIOVIX™ improve both the attributes of the battery itself and the way it is produced. We believe we have successfully achieved this balance and are encouraged by the data and feedback from our pilot users. We are delighted to present LIOVIX™ to the wider market, ”said Walter Czarnecki, commercial director of Livent.

Laying the foundations for next-generation batteries

LIOVIXâ„¢ is also expected to be an important technology for the development and eventual commercialization of solid state batteries using lithium metal. These next generation batteries will address many of the challenges and limitations of today’s liquid electrolyte battery cells.

“Our R&D team is proud to continue our close collaboration with some of the most innovative companies in the world. Together, we are advancing advanced battery technology and taking meaningful steps to realize the potential of solid-state batteries. battery technologies, ”said Marina Yakovleva, director of research and development and new business development for Livent. “LIOVIXâ„¢ should be an important but practical addition to Livent’s product portfolio and builds on our rich heritage of pioneering innovations and industry firsts. ”

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