Constituency representatives in Malaita Province expressed strong support for the early intentions of the Solomon Islands Constituency Development Policy (SICD) and reforms to the Constituency Development Fund (CDF) Act.

This was articulated during the two-day consultation facilitated by a team from the Ministry of Rural Development (MRD) Working Group on the SICD Policy Consultation held in Auki which ended yesterday Thursday 15e September 2022.

Frantic discussions focused on the current CDF law 2013 and the management of the CDF.

The consultation team also makes presentations on the main mandates and functions of the ministry and how the MRD carries out its activities.

“This is the first time in the history of the Solomon Islands since the establishment of the MRD that we have heard very useful information about the functioning of the ministry and about the CDF.

“This is very vital information that needs to be known by us, the rural population who are receiving this so-called CDF fund,” one participant said.

Most participants expressed the need for the national government, through the MRD, to seriously consider amending the CDF Act 2013 and introducing it with its required regulations.

The Permanent Secretary of the MRD, Dr. Samson Viulu, while acknowledging the participants for their concerns, assured them that this is the path the ministry is taking and in doing so, he said that the formulation of the SICD policy framework would be a gain for the ministry because it will serve as a basis for the MRD to revise the 2013 CDF law.

Participants present their recommendations during the group presentation session.

He added that the policy framework will also strengthen and help to empower all Solomons to participate meaningfully in constituency development activities to improve their livelihoods.

The SICD policy focuses on the following key thematic areas: socio-economic infrastructure, income-generating projects for livelihoods, essential services such as health, education and police security, as well as downstream transformation and added value.

Participants also said that the current CDF governance structure needs to be improved so that transparency and accountability are maintained by MPs and their constituency agents.

PS Viulu in response to participants’ concerns reassured them that their concerns, ideas and suggestions have been noted and will be consolidated in the final report of the consultation.

“Very real and valid concerns that you have all raised and which will certainly be the main driver of this SICD policy.

“Your views and recommendations garnered during the consultation will truly help the MRD as it embarks on ward development reform to ensure that rural people participate meaningfully in social and economic activities to improve their livelihoods. livelihood,” said PS Viulu.

He reiterated that this policy framework broadly aims to guide the management and improve the delivery of constituency development funds.

The consultation was successfully completed yesterday (Thursday 15e September 2022) and is honored by the Deputy Premier of Malaita Province, Hon. Glen Waneta.

A participant from West Kwaio contributing to the town hall.

– MRD press


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