Man charged with making ghost guns and meth in Media, Delaware County

MEDIA, Pa. (WPVI) — A Pennsylvania media man is facing drug and firearms charges after authorities found methamphetamine and ghost weapon-making equipment in his apartment.

Firefighters responded to the apartment of Jeffrey Neithammer, 36, on May 8 to a report of a fire alarm going off.

When they entered, they found the apartment in a mess. Officials said there were drug paraphernalia that suggested there might be a meth lab in the apartment.

At first, firefighters thought Neithammer was dead. They said he was unresponsive and was found lying in a front bedroom. Once he started talking with the officials, they noticed that he was very pale and sweating profusely.

Officers located the smoke detector that caused the initial alarm, and in doing so they found metalworking equipment and various firearms and drug-making paraphernalia.

Also, the bathroom had several large bottles, one of which had a hose sticking out of it.

A search warrant was obtained and authorities seized two ghost guns, both with silencers, two pistols, a vial containing methamphetamine, cocaine, and numerous magazines and 3D-printed handgun silencers.

Police also found a 3D printer, lathes, drill presses, sanders and saws.

Delaware District Attorney Jack Stollsteimer says evidence indicates Neithammer was testing his weapons inside the apartment because there were bullet holes in the doors, ceilings and floorboards. drink.

“He was both using kits to create ghost guns, but also using a 3D printer,” Stollsteimer said.

Neithammer was arrested and jailed on $200,000 bond.

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