Manufacturing Career Fair for African Immigrants



10:00 AM | Saturday, October 16, 2021

One lesson learned during the pandemic is not to underestimate the influence of the community.

Mobile clinics have helped underserved populations gain access to the COVID-19 vaccine, and spreading the message through community leaders has, too.

Initiatives such as offering a vaccination clinic in a Brooklyn Center mosque during Ramadan have proven to be successful.

“Because we were working with so many different African immigrant groups to get vaccines and you know you trusted people in the community, sponsoring it, it really said, what’s next? Hennepin Co. commissioner Jeff Lunde said.

Lunde and community groups have the answer to this question. On October 23, they will host a manufacturing career fair for African immigrants.

Lunde believes that a career in manufacturing could give some families a boost.

“What manufacturing really does is give people a scale. When they start to climb, they go up, they create wealth. So many manufacturers have told me that if I recruit people who want to learn and work, then I can train them, ”Lunde said. “We’re excited to have this conversation because we need to build wealth, and wealth happens when you embark on a career that invests in you. “

Huldah Hiltsley with Mwanyagetinge says many African immigrants gravitate towards entry-level health care professions simply because they know someone in the profession.

“From the African immigrant community, if you look at the majority of the population and careers, it’s in health care,” Hiltsley. “My next door neighbor, who is an African immigrant like me, does health, that’s what I’m going to do too, whether it’s my passion or not.

A job fair could expose African immigrants to more possibilities and opportunities, while manufacturers find another pipeline to attract the workers they need.

“If anyone can come and say here’s an opportunity where you can support your family without going to two jobs, without working 16-20 hours a day, without all of that and having better pay, better benefits and the opportunity to grow, so why not? says Hiltsley.

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