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CARLSBAD, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–March 22, 2022–

MaxLinear Inc. (NASDAQ: MXL) has announced a new line of intelligent POLs (iPOLs) supporting server, data center, networking and wireless communications applications. The MxL76xxP series are synchronous step-down regulators available in four versions based on rated current (6A, 12A, 20A, 30A). Combined with a PMBus ® digital interface, the devices enable precision control and monitoring.

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MaxLinear’s New 6A to 30A Smart Point-of-Load Regulators on Display at APEC 2022 (Graphic: Business Wire)

Modern data centers require complete control and monitoring of all voltage rails, and the MxL76xxP family meets these needs in a single-chip solution. Integrating output power FETs, control loop, and digital telemetry into a single small package saves board space and improves performance. The PMBus interface supports monitoring of input and output voltage and current while allowing control of all setpoints. System performance and thermals are optimized by adjusting the output on the fly as needed with modern processors/ASICs using Dynamic Voltage Scaling (DVS).

“Power semiconductors in data centers are expected to be a $2.1 billion market by 2025 growing at a CAGR of 6.6% from 2020 to 2025. Servers at the edge are the market segment growth in data centers and is expected to grow fivefold from 2022 through 2025. This explosive growth will require innovative solutions to meet increasingly stringent energy efficiency requirements,” said Paul Pickering, power semiconductor analyst at Omdia.

The MxL76xxP family, with its small package size and digital telemetry, offers best-in-class performance and power density, reducing system cost and board space. The parts are designed to operate from 3V to 16V inputs, supporting both data center distribution rails and PCIe cards. Built-in synchronous FETs rated for 6A, 12A, 20A, or 30A allow the right device to be selected for a given application, maximizing solution efficiency and cost. Using the MaxLinear PowerArchitect GUI, all configuration, control and monitoring of a design can be done without external design components, reducing development time and complexity.

“MaxLinear is committed to providing innovative power management solutions,” said Chance Dunlap, Senior Director, Power Management. “The MxL76xxP family integrates our fast transient response technology with a digital interface and control that provides industry-leading iPOL with the highest power density.”

MaxLinear will be showcasing the MxL76xxP family at the APEC conference in Houston, Texas, March 21-24, Booth #1606.

The four versions are MxL7630P, MxL7620P, MxL7612P, MxL7606P, which correspond to rated output current of 30A, 20A, 12A and 6A. They are available in 4×5.5mm, 4×4.5mm, 4x4mm, or 4×3.5mm QFN packages. To learn more and order samples, visit

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