MIT45 sets new sales records at CHAMPS with new Boost product


The Boost bike giveaway took center stage and was one of the show’s standout events

It was easily one of our best shows to date and we are thrilled with the results and performance. Everyone loved the Boost Bike Giveaway and led to a significant increase in orders through our team.

— Santino Novasio, Director of Enterprise Sales for MIT45

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA, USA, August 5, 2022 / — MIT45 held a very successful CHAMPS trade show in July, highlighted by the launch of its new Boost product, available in convenience stores across the country. With the most pre-orders of any product MIT45 has created to date, it was already a big hit, but with the addition of the Boost bike giveaway implementation and two custom Les Paul guitars, they have stole the show. This has led to increased orders from both old and new suppliers, making Boost a potential top seller for this great kratom company.

MIT45 has established its reputation as a Gold Standard in the industry over the past two years. They have been recognized for creating a positive work culture and have recently been recognized as one of Most innovative companies in 2022 for the implementation of the new digital sales card.

The new product, MIT45 Boost, was on display during the show, along with the world’s first kratom gel, MITGo. Sellers lined up to buy these products and network with the team to better understand how to turn the channeling opportunity into a very profitable addition, especially for C-stores.

The CHAMPS show is the leading show for the tobacco store industry, and July’s event proved to be one of their best events to date, with the industry putting on a strong show and supporting the growth that happened after the pandemic. The biggest brands were present to present their most popular products.

Santino Novasio, MIT45’s Director of Corporate Sales, had this to say about the July show results: “This was by far one of our best shows to date and we are pleased with the results and performance. The reveal and launch of Boost was exciting and everyone loved the Boost bike giveaway and led to a significant increase in orders through our team. I’m thrilled to see this become one of our best product lines.

The marketing team put in a stellar performance with hundreds of vendors signing up for the giveaway and there was a lot of anticipation on Thursday when the big reveal took place. The drawings were infectious and became the talk of the show. The team pulled out all the stops and the hard work paid off after 7 months of designing, testing and producing what has been called the hottest new product in the kratom industry for years.

MIT45 has been at the forefront of the industry and has consistently pushed the boundaries of growth and development. Consumers have frequently voted MIT45 as the top brand and continue to do so as their popularity continues to grow. The company is poised to become the Coca-Cola of kratom and is currently on track to grow significantly by 2023.


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