Nikon announces investment in Hybrid Manufacturing Technologies Global, Inc.


  • September 14, 2022
  • Nikon Metrology, Inc.
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Nikon announces investment in Hybrid Manufacturing Technologies Global, Inc.

September 14, 2022 – Nikon Corporation (Nikon) announced an investment in Hybrid Manufacturing Technologies Global, Inc. Hybrid Manufacturing Technologies Global, Inc. (HMT), an award-winning leader in the additive manufacturing (AM) industry, has successfully created a approach that allows users to integrate additive tools on any platform. This revolutionary technology allows users to take full advantage of the manufacturing process by unifying several complementary technologies in a single configuration.

Parts manufacturers often use AM processing and machining in tandem, depending on their specific production goals and tolerances. HMT has enabled a revolutionary leap forward by unlocking the freedoms of additive while retaining the precision and surface finish capabilities of CNC, all in one system. When using their patented AMBIT deposition heads, a simple tool change is all it takes to go from cutting to adding metal, giving users unprecedented flexibility. HMT’s interchangeable tool heads are not limited to laser processes, but are also compatible with many materials and a wide range of deployment methods. HMT can upgrade existing vertical platforms to enable additive and subtractive machining capabilities in a single system or create custom solutions with custom heads to meet user goals.

Nikon manufactures some of the most precise equipment in the world, with its products used in applications ranging from semiconductor manufacturing and mass production of panels for televisions and smart devices, to medical systems, automotive and satellites. Nikon created the Next Generation Project division to accelerate the launch of new growth businesses, including advanced materials processing technologies, through synergies resulting from strategic investments and alliances with industry-leading companies around the world entire.

This latest investment will allow HMT and Nikon to leverage their combined expertise to accelerate innovation and expand the hybrid manufacturing landscape. Yuichi Shibazaki, Nikon Vice President and General Manager of the Next Generation Project Division, said, “This investment in HMT is the latest element of our Next Generation Project program to further industrialize digital manufacturing. As an industry leader with demonstrated collaboration capabilities, HMT and its AMBIT™ portfolio are well suited to Nikon technologies. We look forward to working with them as part of our commitment to creating value and advancing society through new industries such as hybrid manufacturing.

Dr. Jason B. Jones, co-founder and CEO of HMT, said, “We are honored to receive an investment from a long-time technology leader such as Nikon. Together, we will better deliver on the promise of additive and digital manufacturing. the results of this technology will touch the lives of virtually everyone on the planet for decades to come.”

“Hybrid is about synergy,” added Peter Coates, co-founder and CTO of HMT. “For almost a decade in this industry, we have prided ourselves on the strategic nature of our collaborations and our partnership with Nikon takes this to a whole new level by adding value to advanced manufacturing.”

About Nikon

Nikon has been a pioneer in optical technology markets worldwide since its inception in 1917. Today, using advanced technologies, Nikon offers a wide range of products and solutions ranging from digital cameras and binoculars to industrial precision equipment such as FPDs and solid state lithography systems, microscopes, measuring instruments and products for the healthcare industry. Nikon aims to leverage its technologies to generate new pillars of growth, including materials processing, while continuing to be a leading company in precision and optics, resulting in sustainable growth long-term business value.

About Hybrid Manufacturing Technologies Global, Inc.

Hybrid Manufacturing Technologies, LLC, which is the U.S.-based operating company of Hybrid Manufacturing Technologies Global, Inc. has been a global leader in the hybrid and additive manufacturing industry since 2012. Pioneering a solution for Marrying the freedoms of the additive with the precision of CNC machining, Hybrid has developed an unprecedented range of compact and interchangeable deposition and inspection heads with elegant integration methods. This extends the capabilities of everyday CNCs and robots without compromise, accelerating the adoption of the next wave of digital manufacturing.

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