One took place after police dismantled a duplicate bicycle tire factory



Delhi police said on Saturday that a factory making duplicate tires of one brand was destroyed in the village of Siraspur in far north Delhi. The accused was arrested, they said.

DCP (Outer North) Rajiv Ranjan Singh said the accused has been identified as Mohammed Akram (41), a resident of Azad Market.

Police said a certain Neeraj Kumar approached the police and complained that a factory in Siraspur was making duplicate two-wheeler tubes of one brand. A team raided the factory where a huge amount of duplicate tires were found along with packing material and dyes. Akram was then arrested.

Mr Ranjan said that during questioning Akram told police that he had been in the two-wheeled and four-wheeled tubing business and that his brother Sultan had a store in the tire market. from the capital.

In 2012, his brother had set up the duplicate tube manufacturing unit using screen printing technique, but in 2014 the unit was raided by the central district and a case was filed against his brother, Akram reportedly said.

Later, the tire market was also demolished by the city authorities, and his brother became unemployed. As a result, the accused started his own duplicate tube manufacturing unit with the help of his brother.

“Initially, they started their factory in a rented godown in the village of Khera, but eventually switched to the current location. Sultan passed away in November 2020. After his passing, Akram became the sole owner of the factory. Akram revealed that he was selling the duplicate products under a fake brand name to Delhi-NCR, ”Mr. Ranjan said.



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