Optical alignment systems and scanning devices at the center of the exhibition presence



SPIE Photonex + Vacuum technologies Optical alignment systems and scanning devices at the center of the exhibition presence

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UK – At Photonex + Vacuum Technologies 2021 in Glasgow, Aerotech will also be represented. The manufacturer of high-performance motion and positioning control systems will place its optical alignment systems and scanning devices at the center of the show’s presentation.

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Aerotech provides complete solutions for optical alignment and adjustment from a single source, such as the Fiber MaxHP Photonic Alignment Platform for Optoelectronics. First shown at the show with the latest Automation1 control software.

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Photonex + Vacuum Technologies 2021 provides the UK photonics industry with a platform to showcase the latest research findings and practical examples from the industry. Numerous events surrounding the conference lounge provide additional opportunities for exchange of experiences and networking. These include live lectures with prominent speakers on the future developments and state of research in photonics, biophotonics, quantum technologies, laser technology, optical and nano technologies and vacuum technologies. “For us, the conference fair in Glasgow is a unique platform for the presentation of products in the sound environment as well as for the exchange of experiences and networking”, underlines Simon Smith, European director of ‘Aerotech. The British subsidiary of the specialist in motion control solutions was founded in Newbury (southern England) in 1981 and is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year.

The presentation at the Aerotech show will therefore be focus on optical alignment systems and high precision scanning devices, using the Fiber MaxHP multi-axis photonic alignment system as an example. The motion system is based on the high performance ANT nano-positioners. Fiber MaxHP is used in high volume manufacturing to align and test optoelectronic devices and photonic components with submicron tolerances. Precision mechanics is coupled with Aerotech’s A3200 controller, a low latency motion controller with prescribed optical alignment algorithms. This allows programming of all automation processes via a single control interface. “As alignment tolerances decrease with new silicon photonics devices, high speed and precision alignment becomes more and more important,” says Simon Smith. “We are positioning ourselves with the FiberMaxHP photonic alignment platform in nanoscale applications, both in research and industrial environments. “

From custom products to complete motion subsystems, Aerotech has leading expertise in integrating precision into the process.

Non-contact direct drive technology provides extremely precise alignment with minimal incremental movement of up to 2nm at speeds of up to 400mm / s, without compromising production throughput. Users whose processes require reproducible and highly precise alignment of optical components will find the alignment platform ideally suited for this purpose, according to Aerotech.

New on-board control system

For the first time, the system is also equipped with the current Aerotech Automation1 control system, which also received a new version in February. The benefit for the user: Via an integrative portal control scheme, ETMs and other peripherals can be seamlessly integrated into processes.

Automation1 works as a complete machine controller with all components. According to Simon Smith, the system offers much more than a pure “motion controller”. The platform has its own software-based motion controller, which makes it easy to control different positioning systems as well as connected components. Applications include automation systems, precision laser processes, and test and inspection processes. A digital output for optical power distribution coupled to a high resolution camera visualizes the tuning process in real time.

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