Overview of careers in mining and advanced manufacturing


June 24, 2022

Roger Jaensch, Minister of Skills, Training and Workforce Growth

Students across Tasmania will have the chance to try out a career in mining or advanced manufacturing in the virtual world to see if it suits them.

Backed by the Liberal Government of Tasmania, the new Tasmanian Minerals, Manufacturing & Energy Council (TMEC) program will give more than 2,000 secondary school students from 80 schools across the state the chance to explore careers in these sectors without leaving the classroom.

Immersive technology and virtual reality (VR) headsets will take students directly into simulated work environments, allowing them to see what jobs in the industry are like and helping them decide if one of those jobs might be right for them. .

Part of TMEC’s ​​Manufacturing and Mining Career Outreach Program, the VR Jobs in the Classroom initiative builds on the success of their previous Advanced Manufacturing Career Outreach Program from manufacturing and focuses on the “hear, see, do” philosophy.

This will help students find satisfying careers while helping industry identify students with a strong aptitude for the work they offer, all in a safe environment.

Real people who work in these sectors will also feature in the virtual reality experience, explaining to students what it’s like to embark on a career in mining or manufacturing.

Some 23,000 Tasmanians are already employed in mining and manufacturing, with industry predicting that around 15,000 more skilled workers will be needed to fill skilled positions over the next five years.

At a time when young Tasmanians are excited to find their future careers, this program offers students the opportunity to learn about the jobs on offer in these sectors and can help guide decisions about future study or career options. training.

For more information on TMEC’s ​​Manufacturing and Mining Career Awareness Program, visit tmec.com.au/education

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