Patagonia launches voluntary recall of UPF clothing for failing to achieve “highest level of sun protection”



Patagonia said its Capilene Cool Daily and Tropic Comfort ranges have an average UPF rating of 34, below the advertised 50.

Patagonia today released a voluntary recall of two clothing lines – its Capilene and Tropic Comfort lifestyle shirts – after its independent tests revealed that the products offer an ultraviolet protection factor (UPF) ranging from 17 to 45. Both ranges advertise a UPF rating of 50.

“The good news is that even at 17 UPF, the products block 92% of the sun’s ultraviolet rays,” the brand told GearJunkie in an email. “The bad news is that we fell short of our goal of providing you with the highest level of sun protection. We have removed our existing inventory and halted distribution of affected styles until we can resolve the issue.

This is not a safety or mandatory recall. Patagonia said users are free to continue wearing the shirts. But, anyone who wants to make a comeback can do so.

To help customers identify affected products, Patagonia has published a list of FAQs and product numbers. here. Note: Product numbers are listed on the garment label.

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Patagonia recall: UPF clothing

In its recall, Patagonia said ahead of the launch of the lines in 2019, testing showed a UPF rating that reached 70. These tests were performed during the materials development process. But it wasn’t until May 2021, after the products left the factory, that Patagonia independently tested the finished garments and found the UPF ratings to be much lower.

“We are changing our process so that it doesn’t happen again,” the brand said.

For those who wish to return the product for a refund, Patagonia will accept the recalled clothing at point of sale and online – with order number from the original purchase (for those who have it) or without the order number.

Patagonia is asking those who do not have their order number to wait to return the item until July 8, although they can start the returns process now.

Patagonia said it will re-label returned clothing appropriately, recycle or reuse it through its Worn Wear program.

“Rest assured,” the brand said, “dumping is not an option.”

Learn more about the reminder here.



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