Pemamek organizes a webinar – Automatic welding solutions for difficult welds


Pemamek Oy and Pemamek LLC hosted a second educational webinar in 2022 with a deeper look into the world of robotic welding solutions for products requiring difficult welds. Adaptive robotic welding automatically adapts to large variations in groove geometry via multi-pass welding operations based on parameters entered by existing operators in the PEMA WeldControl 300 OFFLINE software or scans processed in the PEMA WeldControl 300 SCAN program. The pre-recorded webinar is posted on their website.

Teemu Rusi, Applications Manager, Robotics, and Jyri Luhtio, Applications Manager, Offshore and Process Equipment, show how Pema’s solutions for adaptive robotic welding work together to achieve strong welds efficiently and with the right tools. They introduce viewers to the vast selection of PEMA robotic welders, all customizable to customer specifications, and show how the PEMA WeldControl 300 OFFLINE and SCAN programs create 3D models that can be adjusted to meet individual needs or manufacturing requirements. and programs directly in the robots. controls for where to weld, speed, wire feed speed, amperage, voltage and external movements.

“Difficult multi-pass welds require the expertise of experienced welders, many of whom are retiring or struggling to perform these tasks, especially on large structures and difficult parts,” says Michael Bell, Sales Manager, North America . “Adaptive robotic welding helps solve this challenge by allowing these experienced welders to sit in the operator’s seat and letting the robots do the toughest manual work. The result is increased welding productivity and quality.

By the end of the webinar, viewers will have learned how to be more efficient in solving difficult welds, what tools work together to achieve better throughput and quality, and PEMA’s turnkey delivery of robotic stations and software and the expertise of the company’s welding engineers and Over 50 years of process experience.

Pemamek provides welding automation technology and integrated manufacturing solutions to a wide range of industries including shipbuilding, alternative energy, heavy manufacturing, oil and gas, wind power and boiler manufacturing . The company offers welding positioners, column and boom units, chassis dynamometers and robotic solutions as well as the proprietary PEMA WeldControl programming and control software, among other technologies.


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