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ALLIANCE, Neb., September 25, 2021 / PRNewswire-PRWeb / – In Alliance, Nebraska, Perrin Manufacturing has digitally transformed its business with the successful implementation of the Cetec cloud-based ERP system. They now use the Cetec ERP to manage all of their activity; see daily improvements in their production and purchasing department.

Perrin Manufacturing strives to make working environments more comfortable with their automotive HVAC systems. Their products help those who work in cabins have the proper heating and air conditioning they need for a productive work environment. They have designed and produced systems in automobiles, construction vehicles, tractors, agricultural vehicles, etc.

With an ongoing need to improve their products and business processes, Perrin Manufacturing felt that their old DBA manufacturing software just wasn’t doing the job. With the cloud-based Cetec ERP software, they were able to create a complete web-based solution for inventory control, traceability, accounting and quality management.

“The DBA system was obsolete and they were not going to provide new updates anymore,” explained Jake palmer, Accounting Manager of Perrin Manufacturing. “It wasn’t cloud based, it was kind of old school. We were looking for something new and more modern, always up to date, and a company that could support us all the time.”

When Perrin Manufacturing started exploring their options for a new ERP, they knew they wanted it to be cloud-based to accommodate their employees who work remotely. They were looking for more intuitive software that was both easy to use for manufacturing and for inventory. Perrin Manufacturing liked the fact that Cetec ERP was a modern and less expensive web alternative to obsolete and expensive providers like NetSuite. In fact, Perrin Manufacturing looked at both Cetec’s ERP system and NetSuite, and finally found that Cetec could do everything NetSuite could do without the high price tag.

The training of Perrin employees in the use of the Cetec ERP went smoothly and every department, including purchasing, sales, production, warehouse management, etc. was easily able to switch to the new system. Shop floor fabrication operators have learned to track work orders on the shop floor, streamlining their processes and providing greater management visibility. The Cetec ERP is now the backbone of Perrin Manufacturing’s daily activities. Because the inventory is entirely in real time, Perrin employees have generally improved their productivity.

“We are constantly evolving as a company, offering new products and new prototypes, and with Cetec, we are able to create a new part and a new nomenclature for it. Having a ‘cascade’ breakdown of all the rooms and the way these are distributed in a work order really helps this process. “- Jake palmer, responsible accountant at Perrin Manufacturing

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