Porgera LOs praise the validation exercise



The landowners of the Porgera mine applauded the national government for completing a clan agent verification process without any issues.

One of the main clan agents, Philip Mungalo of Lime Plant, said the Mineral Resource Authority (MRA) team had done a good job of completing the verification process on time, without objections or difficulties.

Mr Mungalo said the state negotiating team was also present to assist with the clan agent verification process to ensure the landowner appoints their leaders to represent them in forums and sharing agreements. advantages.

Mr. Mungalo thanked Prime Minister James Marape and the national government for the plan to unite the 25 agents by nominating them by the people.

He said the man behind the successful exercise was Joe Kak with his experience in coordinating the smooth running of the validation process for SML landowners.

“The appointment of the sub-clan agents went on schedule and for the Anga clan it took a long time but at least it went well with the appointment of an agent,” Mungalo said. .

“Now the officers are ready and the people on the ground are ready to reopen the mine.” Mr Mungalo said the landowners were waiting for the national government and the developer, including the MRA, for the next phase of the mine’s reopening on September 16, in line with Mr Marape’s previous announcement.


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