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Wet Chain Lube from Green Oil is an exceptionally good barrier against water, dirt and corrosion, greatly reduces maintenance and will not turn the planet into an unlivable wasteland. The price is right and the applicator is well designed. There is really nothing not to like.

The most striking thing about Green Oil is the bold claim that an application lasts 125 miles, or even longer. To be quite frank, I couldn’t believe it. Rural roads can be hell on transmissions even in the summer, and none of the wet, dry, ceramic, or wax lubricants I’ve tried have ever gotten such mileage. Especially not in winter, where the rides regularly end with a bike as if it had been stolen from a cyclo-cross.

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To test the claim, I cleaned the chain and applied lubricant as directed – one quick link turn to quick link and it was done. A quick hum through a rag removed the excess. I didn’t add another drop for 130 miles.

After almost every ride I wiped the chain down by running it through a rag to remove the blackened mud from the side plates. Although I felt it was necessary, the green oil is significantly less sticky and grime-loving than many wet lubricants, and the build-up was nowhere near as bad as some.


It has a slightly matte sheen and (after awhile) an almost snotty semi-dry consistency that’s really stubborn, but it’s remarkably resistant to contamination so severe you have to take it all off and reapply. A welcome ripple effect is that you also use a lot less degreaser.

Even after 100 miles, I could put the bike down for a few days, come back and crank the cranks backwards with no problem. With many lubricants, you will find the chain skipping and slamming as the stiffened links struggle to bend, and you might find rust spots as well. No corrosion here.

All of this makes Green Oil’s wet lubricant especially good for commuter bikes, gravel bikes, or road bikes on long rides in the harshest conditions.

Low in syllables

This impressive tenacity is said to be due to N-Toc, which looks like a rapper but is actually a refined plant extract with long-chain molecules similar to those in petrochemicals. Obviously, there aren’t any petrochemicals, such as polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) – which makes Teflon, GT-85, and many chain lubricants so slippery – in green oil at all.

The whole product is super eco-friendly. It is completely biodegradable, packaged in recycled plastic, and your bottle can be refilled with a small discount (10-20p) by selected bicycle dealers. Even the ingredients are sustainably sourced, so Green Oil doesn’t just pass the ecological impact down the supply chain.

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To be clear, this ordeal has been tough at times, especially towards the end as we entered storm season. The Wet Lube saw very heavy rain, near flooded roads and also a lot of salt after a few frosty mornings. The alleys are also covered with mud which has been torn from the fields.

Green Oil really recommends brushing the chain if there is snow (to protect against road salt), but I didn’t like the blackened result of the excess, nor the fine grain it was presumably retaining. . Keeping it thin by wiping (especially the side plates) didn’t cause any problems.


This 100ml bottle costs £ 7.99 which is similar to Fenwicks Wet Weather Chain Lube (£ 8) which Jim found very impressive when he tested it for our sister site

You can, however, spend a lot more. Wolf Tooth’s WT-1 all-condition chain lubricant costs £ 19 for just 59ml, although they estimate you can go 400 miles before reapplying it, and Neil agreed.

The green oil cap is not secure enough for travel or bicycle packing tasks. For this, Green Oil sells the ‘On tour’ vial, which is a nearly leak-proof 30ml Wet Lube container which can, of course, be filled from it to 100ml.


The Green Oil Wet Lube offers impressive performance, and not only from the point of view of good functioning, it is also good from an ecological point of view. It is also a good price.


Excellent long-lasting lubricant that minimizes blemishes and damage

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Brand and model : Green Oil Wet Chain Lubricant

Tell us what the product is for and who it is for. What do the manufacturers say? How does that compare to your own feelings about it?

Green Oil says:

– Penetrates

– Lubricates

– Protects

– Prevents rust

– Lasts over 125 miles per app

“Green Oil Chain Lubricant was developed in 2007, and is the first biodegradable bicycle chain lubricant in the country, if not the world. It lasts over 125 miles on the chain per application and has won numerous awards – from share of environmentalists and the bike industry based purely on performance.

Green Oil Wet Chain Lube has an easy-to-use and much-imitated “snap cap”. Just turn and remove in one go. It has a fantastic long nozzle that is easy to reach in hard to reach areas.

Green Oil Wet Chain Lube now contains N-Toc, a special refined plant extract to increase durability, increasing the time between applications.

Green oil can also be used for cables, brake levers, bicycle locks and other lubrication applications. It’s versatile.

We don’t want to encourage flights too much – climate change being of course a problem, but if you need to fly, take Green Oil with you. Green oil is in the limit of 100 ml of liquid, so you can even take it in your hand luggage (for cheeky maintenance of a bicycle on an airplane maybe!).

Why use chain oil?

A chain can be over 99% efficient at transferring the energy from your pedaling to kinetic energy to moving the bike forward.

Friction occurs between the links and chain lubrication reduces this – increasing efficiency.

In addition, your bike chain is exposed to the elements: water + steel = rust.

Rust = reduced efficiency.

Rust and wear from friction of course make cycling more difficult, but also reduce the life of your bike chain. Green Oil chain lubricant reduces both, extending the life of your chain and reducing friction, for a smoother ride. “

I think it’s a great lubricant that’s easy to apply and holds up well to the elements.

Tell us a little more about the technical aspects of the product?

Green oil:

How is green oil green?

Other chain lubricants contain PTFE and petrochemicals. They don’t even bother with proper recycling information! It’s crazy, because every fluid used on a bike ends up in the environment, and usually on the hands of a mechanic. And your hands, and in your garden. Most street drains also lead to rivers.

– PTFE creates a carcinogen in its production.

– PTFE accumulates in the food chain, after your bicycle chain. We do not use PTFE

– Petrochemicals often harm the environment and aquatic life

We therefore do not use PTFE or petrochemicals, only natural ingredients.

Green Oil Wet Chain Lubricant is 100% biodegradable.

We do not use palm oil – all of our ingredients are from sustainable sources. We use herbal ingredients, natural molecules with long chain molecules similar to those found in petrochemicals. The mixture used is sticky enough to stay on the chain, but excess sticky dirt does not stick to it.

Each bottle of green oil is made from 100% recycled plastic – so don’t be surprised if the bottle is a curious color!

We also supply 5 liter cans of Green Oil Wet Chain Lubricant to select bike shops and workshops. This makes it easier to fill bottles and reduces packaging. Each comes with a giant hand pump, making it easy to refill.

The design of the retainer box is based on an old Schweppes bottle drop box found in a dumpster outside a pub, which has been refurbished and we still have in the office today! These storage boxes are made from reclaimed British pallet wood.

Rate the product for build quality:


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Evaluate the product for its value:


Tell us how the product performed overall when used for its intended purpose

Lubricates and protects without attracting too much dirt. Exceptional durability.

Tell us what you particularly liked about the product

Green Oil places great emphasis on being environmentally friendly, but does not use it to promote an inferior product.

Tell us what you didn’t particularly like about the product


How does the price compare to similar products on the market, including those recently tested on

It’s on par with the Fenwicks mentioned in the review in terms of price and performance. There are many lubricants that can cost a lot more, such as Wolf Tooth WT-1.

Did you enjoy using the product? Yes

Would you consider purchasing the product? Yes

Would you recommend the product to a friend? Yes

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It applies easily, stays remarkably clean, and only needs a simple cloth to last several times in bad weather. Plus, it won’t poison anything – that’s exactly what you need in a chain lubricant.

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