RSS leader Mohan Bhagwat pushes for social equality, women’s empowerment and population policy formulation


Days after RSS General Secretary Dattatraya Hosabale warned of unemployment, inequality and poverty, Sarsanghchalak Mohan Bhagwat at the usual Vijayadashami rally on Wednesday pleaded for job-focused policies, encouraging business-oriented actions.

Bhagwat, in his speech, also said that decentralized job training programs should be introduced in each district; pressed for job opportunities in home districts, development programs in villages. He also talked about development in the education, health and travel sectors.

Bhagwat strongly emphasized the need to formulate a population policy, as demographic imbalances lead to shifts in geographical boundaries. Besides birth rate differences, conversions by force, lure or greed and infiltration are also important reasons. All of these factors need to be matured. Population control and demographic balance based on religion is an important topic that can no longer be ignored.

Additionally, Bhagwat advocated for social equality apart from political and economic equality. “Our constitution has designed political and economic equality but without social equity real and stable transformation is not possible, such cautionary advice was given to us by Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar. Later, apparently, certain rules were established to achieve this goal. But the root cause of inequality lies in our minds, social conditioning and habitual conduct. Personal and inter-family/community friendships, easy and informal exchanges, mingling takes place and at social level unless temples, water springs and cremation grounds are open to all Hindus – until then talking about equality will only be a chimera,” he said.

Bhagwat stressed the need to focus on empowering women. ”In 2017, activists working in different organizations undertook a wide-ranging investigation into the status of Indian women. The results of the investigation were also submitted to government authorities. The survey findings highlighted the need for progress, empowerment and equal participation. Dissemination and acceptance of these conclusive results requires work, beginning first at the level of families and then continuing through all layers of organizational life; only then can the society with its Matri Shakti successfully play its role as an organized force in the national resurgence,” he noted.

“To move forward on the ‘Atmanirbhar’ path, it is important to understand the fundamental principles and ideas that define us as a nation. It is a necessary precondition that all these principles are clearly absorbed and understood alike by the government, the administration and our society. Flexibilities are required, ordered by time and conditions, in such situations, coordination and mutual trust guarantee progress. Clarity of thought, unity of purpose, determination and adaptability stimulate corrective action and also protect against any possible error,” Bhagwat said.

“When government, administration, leaders of various political formations and sections of society rise above their differences and act in unison in a manner bound by duty, then a nation makes rapid progress in development. As the government, administrative elements and political leaders carry out their duties, our society must also consciously shoulder its responsibilities,” he added.

Bhagwat said that efforts against Bharat’s unity and progress should be dealt with fearlessly, relentlessly and protested or repelled without being trapped in the machinations of forces hostile to him. ”We should assist the governments and the administration’s efforts to control and track down these forces. “Only the strong and proactive cooperation of our society can ensure our overall security and unity,” he added.

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