Samsung Galaxy S23 leaks just rocked a new performance mode – and an early release date


The last Galaxy S23 and Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra the rumors shed more light on how the new smartphones might perform, and hinted again that the release date might come sooner than expected.

First, let’s go to a new tweet from ice universe (opens in a new tab), the Galaxy S23 series may receive a new “Light” performance profile. Turning it on will supposedly reduce the speed of the phone’s processor in order to extend battery life and keep the phone cool.

IU adds that this won’t affect the phone’s refresh rate, meaning you’ll still be able to enjoy the smooth 120Hz screens that the three predicted Galaxy S23 models are supposed to provide while maximizing battery longevity. .

Our tests revealed that all three Galaxy S22 models do well when it comes to battery life, but they could be better compared to the iPhone 14 series. So if we’re able to use the batteries even more (rumoured, a bit bigger on S23 base and also the S23 Plusbut the same size for the Ultra), then Samsung could put its new phones on our better phone battery life listing.

The screenshot provided by UI mentions at the bottom that this setting is separate from the Game Booster option that Samsung provides to adjust gaming performance on its devices. That’s another bonus, as it’ll likely mean you can get the most out of the phone when playing games, but can immediately switch back to a more efficient profile when you’re done.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Early Launch Date Rumored

Our next rumor comes in the form of a Korean newspaper report Chosun (opens in a new tab) (Going through Dohyun Kim (opens in a new tab)). He claims that Samsung will unveil the Galaxy S23 series in the first week of February, citing “a sales manager familiar with the matter”.

The anonymous official explains, “Samsung Electronics is planning to hold an Unpacked event in San Francisco, USA the first week of February next year to unveil its next product.”

As Chosun notes, that would be around a month earlier than Samsung tends to launch its flagship Galaxy S phones every year. The reason for this is due to the increased competition and slow demand for smartphones, which means that Samsung wants to launch its latest product to compete with devices like the iPhone 14 and the Google Pixel 7 series.

More Exynos?

The Last Treat, also via ice universe (opens in a new tab), comes in the form of a quote from Qualcomm’s chief financial officer, Akash Palkhiwala. The UI screenshot indicates that Samsung’s new phone would be a big boost for the company, which makes the Snapdragon family of chips used by Samsung and other smartphone makers.

Palkhiwala first talks about how Qualcomm can expect Samsung’s launch benefits to hit in “the second half of the March quarter,” which matches the supposed release date above. More notable is that it also says that Qualcomm’s “share” will change “from 75% in G S22 to a global share in G S23”. This seems to indicate that Snapdragon chips will be found in all Galaxy S23 models, rather than some of them.

Some Sources claimed that Samsung would use its typical mix of in-house Exynos 2300 chips and the incoming Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chips for the Galaxy S23 series, as it has done in recent years due to exceptional agreements with Qualcomm to use its chips in certain markets. However, it has also been said before that there will only be Snapdragon chips for the S23 family to give the phone consistent performance worldwide, which matches what Palkhiwala said.

Samsung has struggled for some time to make its Exynos chips as powerful as the equivalent Snapdragon models, leaving Samsung customers with potentially inferior phones depending on where they buy their devices. Therefore, getting the best Snapdragon chip wherever you live would be a bonus for users who live outside of the US, who already have Snapdragon-powered Galaxy S phones.

Galaxy S23 Outlook

Beyond the chips, new performance modes, and an earlier than normal launch date, there are more exciting rumors for the Galaxy S23 series. Regular and Plus models are thought to get a redesignas good as an improved 12MP selfie camera. The Galaxy S23 Ultra may also get a camera upgrade, in the form of a new 200MP main camera on the back.

It’s not a long list of updates, but we’re still looking forward to testing these new phones as soon as they appear early next year.


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