Shaheen Bhatt: Insta’s obsession and her sister’s support


Do you look on Instagram for validation and is it healthy? And what do you do when your sister talks to you and the family don’t know

By Shaheen Bhatt


Emotions and Instagram

I am obsessed with “likes” on Instagram. I put in pictures and then went back five times in five minutes to check. It’s unhealthy, isn’t it?

—Supriya G, Bombay

Instagram is designed to make you obsessive. When you get a ‘like’ it activates feel-good chemicals in your brain and you get stuck in a vicious reward loop. The more we rely on social media to thrive, the more empty we feel. That’s because we aspire to be seen and heard, and while social media may seem like a way to connect, it’s usually just the opposite.

If you think Instagram is your main source of emotional validation, maybe it’s time to rethink your relationship with it and find a way to meet your underlying emotional needs.

Sister speaks

My sister just told me about her sexuality. My mother asked me if this was true. Now I am stuck. What should I do?

—Anukriti S, via Instagram

Talking about your sexuality is an intensely personal thing, and it is a choice only you can make. Your sister shared a lot of who she is with you and it was her decision to share it. So even if it’s your mom asking, it wouldn’t be fair to take that choice out of her hands and speak to your mom on her behalf. Tell your mother that if she has any questions, the person to ask is your sister, not you.

Shaheen Bhatt’s public exit from his own challenges with mental health has fueled the discourse on a relatively unknown topic and made it a role model for young girls.

From Brunch HT, September 26, 2021

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