Shipping issues and manufacturing slowdowns result in fewer fireworks this July 4th – FOX23 News



CATOOSA, Okla. – With trans-Pacific shipping issues and manufacturing slowdowns linked to last year’s COVID-19 pandemic in China, there are fewer fireworks to roam across the country for the weekend vacation.

FOX23 News stopped at the Jake’s Fireworks store on Highway 412 in Catoosa and was told that initially there was a smaller supply at the start and middle of the month, but Jake’s decided to limit or in some cases of cutting wholesalers that are not associated with them so that their stores could have enough stock on their shelves.

We noticed there were empty bins in the middle of the store and we were told there were items in there, but people show up days or even weeks in advance to get the products they prefer instead to see what remains the day before the 4. Prices have also increased due to supply and demand, but that hasn’t stopped people from coming early and stocking up on what they can find.

FOX23 previously reported that other fireworks sellers have limited stocks on some of their most popular annual items, but depending on which company you shop from and how they’ve readjusted their business to manage the shortage, you won’t see any changes at all either, or you may be looking for your favorite products in several places.



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