Soon, zoning plans for areas not under ODP



Powers to draw up land use plans under the Planning Act have now been formally extended to areas beyond the jurisdiction of the “planning areas” administered by the various planning authorities. planning and development (PDA).

The decision made possible by an amendment to the Goa Land Use Planning Act, passed by the Goa Legislative Assembly during the monsoon session, was notified to the Gazette after the assent granted by Governor PS Sreedharan Pillai.

The amendment creates a new “local planning area” entity that can be carved out of any locality in the state.

Previously, the zoning of areas was done singularly at the time of formulating the regional plan of the state and the new amendment now empowers the TCP department to prepare “zoning plans” for any area, village or town that is not covered by the development master plans (ODP) of the planning zones under PDA.

However, the amendment stipulates that the development of zoning plans will respect the “general framework” of the Regional Plan and must involve local authorities.

Zoning plans for these “local development areas” under the amendment must detail specific areas for housing, shopping malls, industrial areas, civic centers, educational and cultural institutions, water harvesting rain, garbage management, cattle pounds and other utilities in addition to control. architectural features, elevation and facade of buildings and structures.

It also suggests that zoning plans could designate areas indicating and proposing transferable development rights, transferable

right of development for posterity, reservation of accommodation or any other

similar technique to promote planned development.

It should be recalled that a meeting was held to publicize the proposed amendments to the TCP Act and the need to oppose them by people across the state.


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