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A plant-based diet naturally does not contain creatine. That’s why it’s important to fortify vegan products with this essential nutrient. Foods with Creapure® ensure an optimal supply of creatine to support the energy metabolism of the human body – in an innovative way for health, performance and vitality.

Based on our many years of experience in the creatine and human nutrition market, we are happy to support you in the development and marketing of an innovative generation of vegan food alternatives. A new generation of plant-based products that not only mimics the taste and texture of animal product, but also offers all essential nutrients. Contact us today and get a head start on all our competitors!

Who we are

Alzchem is the only creatine manufacturer outside of China with top quality products

  • Alzchem proactively develops new food technologies with creatine worldwide in collaboration with industry partners and leading universities.
  • In addition to its high-quality creatine products, Alzchem offers comprehensive services such as business development support, analytical services and optimized logistics concepts.
  • Alzchem considers sustainability as one of its core values. The production site in Trostberg (Germany) uses highly efficient equipment based on the latest catalytic technologies. This saves energy and raw materials.

We are happy to support you in the development of your product.

Contact us:

[email protected] and immediately request a sample for testing.



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