Sukin and Trees For The Future join forces to tackle the humanitarian and environmental toll of deforestation



From the 25 november, for each order placed on the brand’s American website,, and Canadian website,, Sukin will donate a tree to Trees For The Future.

This exciting partnership grew out of Sukin’s core belief that whatever we need to nourish our bodies can be found in nature, so we must do everything in our power to protect and maintain our natural resources. Through long-term, high-impact environmental solutions like the work of Trees For Our Future, Sukin believes we can create substantial change for our people and our planet.

The urgent need to compensate for the harmful effects of deforestation

Deforestation is endemic across the world and is one of the main human-made contributors to climate change. When trees are felled or burned, they release their stored carbon dioxide into the air; now that these trees are gone, there are fewer trees to absorb the increase in C02. According to Climate Institute, it is estimated that 25% of total global greenhouse gas production comes from deforestation.

Our planet is losing the astonishing value of 50 forest football fields every minute. Much of this deforestation occurs in the developing tropics of Africa, Latin America, and South and South East Asia where millions of chronically hungry farming families unwittingly use short-sighted and destructive farming tactics. This can further degrade the trees, soil, water and biodiversity of their communities, further contributing to climate change.

The monumental and eternal impact of Tree For The Future

Sukin chose to partner with Trees For The Future for its unwavering commitment to end hunger and poverty and offset the damaging effects of deforestation by training farmers to regenerate their land. With over 30 years of working in the fields, Trees For The Future has so far planted 211 million trees in dozens of countries, revitalizing over 30,000 acres of soil while improving the lives of hundreds of thousands of families. poor.

Their 4-year forest garden program provides farmers with the tools, tree seedlings and other biodegradable materials to start their farms. Farmers plant thousands of trees that protect and bring nutrients back to the soil, allowing them to grow a variety of fruits and vegetables. From there, Trees For The Future mentors farmers to develop regenerative farming practices that will keep their land and surrounding community healthy and prosperous. During this relatively short period, families in the community gain food security, farmers are able to provide for their families, and farms encourage long-term soil and ecosystem biodiversity.

Through this incredibly meaningful and ongoing partnership with Trees For The Future, Sukin is proud to contribute to a better world for all.

ABOUT BWX: BWX is a global natural beauty company with a portfolio of leading natural brands in Australia, United States, Canada, UK, China, and select other international markets. Founded and based in Australia, BWX’s expertise lies in innovation, product development, manufacturing and marketing of natural products. BWX’s family of natural brands provide consumers with a natural choice for personal care without compromising performance. BWX inspires the advancement of plant and mineral based science without causing unnecessary harm to the planet. He also says NO to testing his products on animals and believes in donating. The company is actively involved in giving back to causes related to the environment, social responsibility and the empowerment of women.

About the trees of the future: Trees for the Future is a 501 (c) (3) registered nonprofit that trains smallholder farmers in sustainable agroforestry systems to end hunger, poverty and environmental degradation. “It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the state of our planet and the need for urgent action,” says Brandy Lellou, program director for Trees for the Future. “But the good news is that Trees for the Future has a solution to some of our most pressing challenges and we have branded partners like Sukin who are dedicated to making lasting change possible.”

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