Swift Navigation Achievements in 2021 Lead to Anticipation


SAN FRANCISCO, January 04, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Quick navigation, a San Francisco-based tech company that is redefining Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) and precise positioning technology for autonomous vehicles, automotive, mobile and consumer applications, looks back on the past year and looks forward to what reserve 2022.

In these uncertain times, we are grateful to a strong team focused on a common mission that helps provide precise positioning to customers and partners across the globe. As we work to build a safer and more efficient future by changing the way we navigate and understand every inch of our planet, we stop to recognize the accomplishments of the past year. Highlights of Swift in 2021 include

Company Updates

  • Swift lifted a $ 50 million Series C round of funding to accelerate consumer adoption of automotive safety and precise navigation applications around the world.
  • Swift has added two new members to its leadership team—Holger Ippach as executive vice president of products and Gregory Smith as executive vice president of finance.
  • Swift launched a new business website and online shop to make it even easier to order, evaluate and use the Swift GNSS solutions ecosystem.

Product announcements

Extended partnerships

  • Fast announced its partnership with KDDI to bring precise positioning to the Japanese market and added KDDI as a key partner in the global expansion of Skylark’s precise positioning service.
  • Swift worked with its European partner, Deutsche Telekom, to bring the Precision program unlocked Support and showcase startups and small businesses looking to develop valuable use cases that adopt, integrate and optimize precise positioning technology.
  • Swift’s work with STMicroelectronics has demonstrated that its precise positioning solution provides centimeter-level location accuracy to the Teseo V family of single-chip, triple-frequency GNSS devices for automotive use cases.

To learn more about how Swift’s Precise Positioning Platform can benefit your stand-alone applications, visit swiftnav.com or contact us at sales@swiftnav.com.

* Actual system performance may vary, depending on but not limited to; characteristics of the environment, of the receiver and of the antenna, place of operation. 4 cm 50% accuracy measured over 24 hours at standstill. 2 cm 50% accuracy measured over 24 hours at standstill with unique geodetic antenna, receiver and baseline corrections.


Quick navigation is changing the way we navigate and understand our planet. Swift’s precise positioning technology platform improves location accuracy from several meters to several centimeters and is used by millions of devices around the world. Swift’s technology is trusted by users in all industries, enabling safer driving, improving the efficiency of last mile delivery and commercial transport operations, increasing the accuracy of mobile devices and creating new possibilities for rail , robotics and machine control. See how Swift is building a safer, more connected future on swiftnav.com. Follow Swift on Twitter @Swiftnav

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