Tetra Pak unveils packaging accelerator product and program



Tetra Pak, a producer of branded and private label beverage packaging, is launching a new program to help companies get their products to market faster. The Tetra Pak Leap Accelerator Program connects brands of all sizes with Tetra Pak subcontractors to “accelerate and refine” product development and commercial production.

The Leap program focuses on new product categories and consumption opportunities, and aims to help these brands meet changing consumer demands. Tetra Pak is one of the world’s leading packaging brands, supplying customers in more than 160 countries.

The program will bring the company’s processing, packaging and production expertise to branded and private label brands, as well as the benefits of Tetra Pak cartons. The company hopes to encourage brands to bring more innovative nomadic offerings to the North American food and beverage market.

“There is a huge opportunity for innovation in the food and beverage field, especially as the pandemic is driving changes in consumer preferences and purchasing habits,” said Pedro Gonçalves, vice-president. President of Marketing, Tetra Pak US and Canada. “We’ve worked with brands for years to bring innovation to the market, but Leap goes one step further to align all elements of product development and production into a comprehensive program.

Tetra Pak will help brands identify the right product positioning for success. They will offer expert formulation support and priority access to Tetra Pak’s product development center, which will help refine the product’s flavor, consistency and scalability for long-term commercial success.

Production will start at one of the selected subcontractor manufacturers best suited to produce and package the specific product. Once the product is packaged and ready to market, Tetra Pak’s marketing support will facilitate sampling, point-of-sale and other promotions to consumers.

Participation in the Leap Program is limited to participants selected based on a range of factors including product novelty, market potential and product segment.



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