The commitment to local manufacture of electric buses is a “mountain to climb”



In addition to the colossal commitment to supply, Mr van Maanen said the government needs to put in place enough charging infrastructure to support the adoption of electric vehicles, as well as ensure that there is sufficient electricity grid. resistant to face the new pressure.

“We have to prepare the infrastructure. So you have to make sure that we have enough electricity on the grid, ”he said, adding that Nexport buses run 280 kilometers between charges.

A spokeswoman for the Planning and Environment Ministry said the government was working to improve the grid before the widespread adoption of electric vehicles.

“The NSW Government and NSW Grid Companies are working to ensure that the increased use of electric vehicles and other household appliances is properly integrated into the electrical system, including with rooftop solar power,” smart batteries and chargers to ensure that the increased use of electric vehicles does not have a significant impact on peak electricity demand, ”the spokesperson said.

“With two-way charging capabilities, electric vehicle batteries can also help support the grid at peak demand times in the future. “

Nexport is one of seven companies on the state’s electric bus supply panel, with the new Bankstown site scheduled to be operational by September 2022.

The NSW opposition has pledged to build a fleet of public transport in NSW and Australia.

While the NSW Zero Emission Bus Strategy, released in September, highlighted potential challenges with the local market’s ability to ramp up quickly enough to deliver a significant amount of inventory, Mr Stokes said this month that he intended that the majority of new buses be built as is.

But opposition NSW transport spokeswoman Jo Haylen said the 8,000 electric buses are expected to be built in western Sydney.

“The failure of the government’s transportation procurement policies has cost billions of dollars, thousands of jobs and left us with shoddy trains, streetcars and ferries. It is time to draw a line in the sand and get back to building quality transport infrastructure in New South Wales, ”she said.



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