The government of Amazonas reveals the composition of the State Council for Science, Technology and Innovation


Among the institutions that expressed their interest in the public call for projects, 13 were selected to be part of the board of directors

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The Government of Amazonas, through the State Secretariat for Economic Development, Science, Technology and Innovation (Sedecti), has published the result of Public Call No. 001/2022, through the publication of Decree No. determining the composition of the members of the State Council for Science, Technology and Innovation of Amazonas (Connect).

The decree stipulated that representatives of agencies, institutes and entities should be identified to serve on the council of council members.

The result of the call has been published in the Official Journal (DOE) and is available on the Sedecti website. The direct access link is:

Among the institutions that expressed interest in participating in the Council, 13 institutions were selected in accordance with the invitation.

With the selection of institutions, the board was formed as follows: Sedecti, Amazonas State University (UEA), Amazonas State Research Support Foundation (Fapeam), Amazonas Technological Education Center (Cetam), Institute for Sustainable Development Mamirauá (IDSM), National Research Institute in the Amazon (Inpa), Legislative Assembly of the State of Amazonas (Aleam), Federal University of Amazonas (Ufam), Federal Institute of Amazonas (Ifam), Brazilian Support Service for Micro and Small Enterprises ( Sebrae/AM) and Associação Polo Digital de Manaus (APDM)), the Confederation of Industries of the State of Amazonas (Fieam) and the Department of the Brazilian Bar Association of Amazonas (OAB/AM).

All representatives of agencies, entities and institutes sit for a term of four years, and can be renewed alternately by one third or two thirds. Konecti will be chaired by the Secretary of State for Economic Development, Science, Technology and Innovation (Sedecti).

“Conte’s representation can help to co-found public policies, propose guidelines to encourage expression and debate among its members and enable the development of technologies and innovations for the State. In this way, it will be possible to train human resources in order to generate employment and income opportunities for the Amazonian population”, explained Angelus Figueira, director of Sedecti.

Progress in CT&I – Leonardo Silva, Head of the Department of Technological Orientation and Innovation (DTI) at the Executive Secretariat for Science, Technology and Innovation (Secti) at Sedecti, confirmed that the result guarantees improvements in science, technology and innovation (CT&I) in the countryside.

Silva noted that “this result ensures continuity in safeguarding the governance of ST&I in Amazonas, in order to formulate public policies that favor the research and development of new products, as well as services that positively affect the economy of the country”.

Conecti – The State Council for Science, Technology and Innovation of Amazonas (Conecti) is provided for by Law No. 5605 of September 16, 2021. It is a collective body that is part of the organizational structure of Sedecti.

The purpose of CONNECTI is to propose guidelines for the formulation of public policies and to promote the formulation and discussion of the different levels of government with organized civil society to cooperate in the development and promotion of scientific, technological and innovation in the state.

The ordinance that will reveal the names of all facility owners and alternates chosen by Amazonas Governor Wilson Lima, Chief Executive Officer, as provided in the executive order, is expected to be published in the Official State Gazette (DOE) soon. and will also be posted on the Sedecti website.


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