The Valens Company Announces Strategic Distribution Agreement with APOTEKA SRL, Subsidiary of GFI Costa Rica and Provides Update on Australia



The APOTEKA partnership offers a strategic entry to the Valens brands through central America

Company Secures A $ 540,000 Order From Cannvalate To Manufacture GMP Products For Australian And New Zealand Markets

KELOWNA, BC, September 16, 2021 / PRNewswire / – The Valens Company Inc. (TSX: VLNS) (OTCQX: VLNCF) (the “Society, “”The Valens Society” Where “Valens“), a leading manufacturer of cannabis products, today announced that it has signed a regional distribution agreement with APOTEKA SRL (” APOTEKA “), part of Grupo Farmanova Intermed” GFI Costa Rica “, a pharmaceutical holding company based in Costa Rica with operations throughout central America and the Caribbean. Under the agreement, APOTEKA will bring the nÅ«ance brand of Valens, with future plans to include the Green Roads brand, in three main markets in Central America: Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic and Panama.

Valens has developed two CBD tinctures for APOTEKA that combine well-known wellness ingredients with CBD. The products will be manufactured by Green Roads and are made with MCT coconut oil. They are available in coconut and peppermint flavor, with added terpenes, and will be available in two strengths: 900 and 1500 milligrams of CBD. Both tinctures have been carefully developed to match the tastes of local markets.

Tyler robson, CEO and President of The Valens Company, said: “This partnership with APOTEKA, part of GFI Costa Rica, a multi-regional conglomerate with 45 years of experience, is in line with our distribution-driven growth model first, light assets and international markets. The partnership represents a strategic expansion in central America where APOTEKA will distribute these products in the regions, including: Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic and Panama. With limited competition currently in these markets and a reputable distribution partner in APOTEKA, we see a compelling opportunity to further develop a portfolio of innovative products, gain a foothold in the region and extend our strategy to other countries of Central America in the future, as more countries liberalize their cannabis laws. “

Australian market update

The Company also announced that it had secured A $ 540,000 of initial orders for GMP products from its Australian distribution partner, Cannvalate PTY Ltd (“Cannvalate”). This follows the company’s recent announcement that it had secured access to GMP Manufacturing in Australia thanks to an exclusive partnership with Epsilon Healthcare, pursuing its international expansion in the GMP markets by Latin America, Europe, the United Kingdom and the Asia Pacific Regions.

Jeff Fallow, President of The Valens Company, said: “We are delighted to announce our first GMP production across the Southport installation, marking our new expansion into the Australian market. This order represents Valens leveraging Epsilon’s large-scale GMP manufacturing capability, with the ability and means to provide even more expedited access to Europe thanks to their TGA and EU GMP capabilities. Thanks to Cannvalate’s significant presence in the local market and its primary distribution platform, Valens is well positioned with strategic access to a market that we see through recent trends set to experience spectacular growth. “

Valens expects to continue to receive purchase orders of similar or greater value under this agreement on an ongoing basis, which is representative of the global move towards the GMP and GMP production standards of the EU that the Company is now able to provide through its partnership with Epsilon Healthcare. .

In Valens, it’s Personal.

About the company Valens
The Valens Company is a leading manufacturer of cannabis products with a mission to bring the benefits of cannabis to the world. The Company provides proprietary cannabis processing services, in addition to the development, manufacture and marketing of premium packaged cannabis consumer products. The high-quality products of the company Valens are formulated for the segments of medical consumption, health and wellness and leisure, and are offered in all categories of cannabis products with an emphasis on quality. and innovation. The Company also manufactures, distributes and sells a wide range of CBD products in United States through its subsidiary Green Roads, and distributes medicinal cannabis products to Australia via its subsidiary Valens Australia. In partnership with brands, consumer packaged goods companies and licensed cannabis producers around the world, the company continues to develop its diverse product portfolio in line with the evolving preferences of cannabis consumers in key markets. . Through Laboratories of Valens, the Company sets the standard for cannabis testing and research and development with from Canada The only ISO17025 accredited analytical services laboratory, named a Center of Excellence in Plant-Based Science by partner and global scientific leader Thermo Fisher Scientific. Learn more about The Valens Company and its subsidiaries at

Notice Regarding Forward-Looking Statements

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